Nov 7, 2009

Soup, Salad and Pizza Dinner - Part 3 of 3 - Quick Pizza

Here's the final part of my three course dinner! Pizza!

I promise you that one of these days, I'll blog about making pizza dough from scratch. But, until then, I'll use my favorite grocer Trader Joe's readymade refrigirated pizza dough. Here are two packets placed side by side - yeah I'm making 2 pizzas.

This is the first pizza. This is not round like a typical pizza - this happened to be this shape because my daughter was standing next to me and pulling the dough on one side as I was trying to make it round - so I gave it and we created a fun pizza shape.

Before adding sauce or toppings, I semi bake the base for 5 mins exactly. This will ensure that the base stays crisp and does not become soggy because of the sauce.


Now, take out the semi baked pizza base. Add some sauce and spread it around. I did not make pizza sauce but used pasta marinara sauce instead - a good substitute. Do not add a lot of sauce and as will again make it too soggy.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese around.


Add your favorite toppings - for this one, I added Pineapple, Jalapenos, Black Olives and Red peppers.


Here's my second pizza and my personal favorite - Brocolli, onions, olives, red peppers and pineapples.


Bake them at 350F until the cheese on top starts to turn golden.

I've topped off the second pizza with cheese - ready to go for its sauna bath..waiting on the other guy to get out!


And finally, Ladies and Gentleman, Here it is. Our hero of the day!


Does that look delicious or does that look delicious?


I was trying to make a few pieces, but the edges are already missing - happens with a few hungry people in the house.


And there's our plate - Soup, Salad and Pizza! All of this done within an hour. So worth everything!


Enjoy! Peace Out!


  1. Hey Really you are a sakalakalavalli. Not for words, I mean it.

  2. Soup luks creamy and yum..
    Well made pizzas

  3. Prefect dishes!!!!pizza makes me hungry..

  4. Love this pizza....Feeling very hungry now

  5. Oh man! You make me drool! Nothing like homemade pizza! :) It only gets better paired with a soup and salad!!

  6. I love to eat pizza but have never tried it at home.Thanks for sharing the recipe .New comer .Do visit

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    All the best and keep up the good work!!

  8. Dear Anu

    I really don't know what to say on seeing these lovely pizzas. It looks thoroughly professional. If I ever prepare them, I might not include pineapple. Do you really like the sweet taste in between? Anyway, it looks so yummy. Keep up your good work!

  9. awesome! I love your choice of toppings....jalapenos and pineapples are a MUST on my pizza!

    have a nice weekend!

  10. A perfect meal in perfect time!First time here a great blog!

  11. Absolutely lovely! I love how the dough isn't perfectly round! Your pizza is perfect! ... My bf is working in Irvine right now, he moved there in April. He lived here in the midwest for 10 years, which is the only place I have lived. He said people are so different in California. How long have you been there? Do you like it? I told him I won't move to such a superficial place as that :P I like farms, lol. Living in Michigan there is so much farming, and open land... If I wanna get away I drive to Chicago, lol.

  12. Hey! You get Jalapenos in India??

  13. Nags - I live in the US! And that probably answers a few questions on the oven too - is that right?

  14. Everything looks delicious
    I wish I could eat now

  15. Hey you know, I tried this for appetisers and it came out really good. Except I made a chicken filling and everyone was like in awe.. "really did you make this, " Of course I took all the credit lol. Thanks for givin the idea. :)

  16. Hmmm... the posting I just made was for the aloo methi puff :)


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