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Need a recipe for something you've eaten somewhere and all you know about it is its name? Ask me here. 

And no, I'm not Yoda who knows everything. But I can find out and try to make it for you if I don't know it already. 

As long as your request is Vegetarian, I'm all ready to cook it for you. And besides, you'll be helping me out decide what's for dinner too!

So don't be shy. Ask away. Be it Indian, Chinese, Italian or Peruvian. 

Leave me a comment on this page with a few details on what you want. I'll try my best to get to it as soon as I can. 

Let's cook together soon!


  1. Hey Anu,

    Can you please show me how to do kozhukattais (jaggery-coconut one).I just don't get the covering right,no matter how many times i try.

    Thanks in advance.



  2. Samanvitha - Will try it in the next couple of weeks. I'm not an expert myself and do find it tough - but will try multiple methods and post the best!

  3. Hello! I got to know about your blog from Geetha Hari. Is there a way to make koftas that can be baked instead of fried?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Madhu Krishnan! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Do you go by the name Surya? Or was that GH's request for you to add that here? Tell her I asked that too..she'll know why!

    Anyways, you can always bake koftas instead of frying. Make them the same way and once you have the koftas balls ready, pre heat the oven to 360F and bake them for about 10-15 mins or until they turn brown and firm. Add them to the gravy just before serving and they will remain perfect. Also, if you are baking, skip the dunking in a liquid corn paste or any other agent to coat the surrounding. You can just roll them in bread crumbs for crisp koftas.

    Next time I make koftas, will try to bake them and blog about it! Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    Could you please post the recipe of Thai Curry pasta; the photo of which you posted recently on your photo-blog?

    1. I finally got to do this dish for a post - check out this link -

      Thanks for your request. Hope you like the post.

  6. Hi,

    This is Parvathy here,from Ireland. A silent follower of ur blog for the last 7 months. Tested a whole lot of recipes. Believe me, wkly 3 days its definitely your recipe. I check ur site twice a day. We have come from Mumbai, and was missing golgappas. Was v.excited to see my golgappas coming perfect. Thanx a million for all the recipes. You will always remain as mriganayani for me, even though u have changed ur blog name. whatever i make , my hubby asks me"did mriganayani say so".

    I have a complaint. u should have given some redirection for anybody who goes to to ur new id. how would anybody know? it just shows url not found. it was only by chance that i got ur new id from veg inspirations.

    I would like to have the recipe for "kossu"(hopefully i have spelled properly), which is served alongwith pongal.

    thanx a million once again and best wishes for more and more success.

  7. @ Amrut - will do so soon. That is something I make quite often at home. Next time will document it here.

    @ Parvathy - Thank you soooooo much for being a silent but constant follower! And I'm so sorry for the name change confusion. You can call it my ignorance with how Google domains work - but I thought when I change the domain name it will redirect Mriganayani to this new domain. Unfortunately, it redirects the original .blogspot domain and not the .com domain - dumb. But I think some links have started re directing correctly but not all again. So Sorry for the trouble - but glad to have you back.

    I call it Gojju..but I know lot of people call it Kossu too - a side dish to eat with Pongal. Will make it soon and post it. Thanks again for following and hello to your family!

  8. Thanks, Anu, for the baked Koftha recipe. I tried it and it turned out nice. It was a little dry though. Should I add some oil to the kofthas or maybe spray them with oil before baking?

    Btw, Surya and I are very close, that's why I have him in my name :)

  9. Hi Anu,,

    I am regular follower of your blog from last 1 year and i just love all your recepies.
    I have got lots of appreciation from our guests for whom i cooked using your recepies.Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog.

    Can u please show me how to make Fresh fruit cake as i want to make it for my husbands birthday on 25 April.Hope you will surely help me.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi!
    Could you please post the healthy breakfast/lunch receipes for kids?

  11. @ Jisha - yes, I will try a new recipe for a fruit cake. Hopefully I can get it up soon for you.

  12. anu...i know u are so very busy right now, but i just read somewhere about a "mango cake" and the very thought it is intriguing me :p could u pls post pic-by-pic recipe of it!!!

  13. Loved your blog..
    Actually Stumbled upon the OC Vegetarian Food blog when I was searching for something..
    (And There were no Comment Options there)

    Try Native Foods.. It is a Veg restaurent..
    And I am sure you will love that..They have 1 in Aliso Viejo in OC where I go ..

  14. Varsee, yes - I'm a little - actually very tied up now. Hopefully things will settle fast and I can get back to normal blogging. I'll send you the recipe soon. I've made it twice with pictures - but made it for parties and never got a last final cake shot properly so did not post them yet.

  15. Hi,
    Could u please post a doughnut recipe..?
    I'm a big fan of ur blog..
    Thank you :)

  16. Hi,
    I'm a big fan of ur blog..
    Could you plz post a doughnut recipe..?
    Thank You :)

  17. Parvathy(Ireland)May 4, 2011 at 6:23 AM

    Just using this space to let u know that ur search
    does'nt work properly.Eitther it says not found or else something comes. eg:check writing rasmalai in ur search space and see for urself. (its not just with rasmalai, so many search gives not found).Pls rectify the problem asap, as i am having a tough time to search the recipe from the other index. i feel ur recipe index needs a modification.

    bye for and thanx a million for the wonderful recipes.


  18. Hi Anu.. I love all your recipes, BTW. For some reason, I'm not able to find recipes such as Paneer Butter Masala (yum!) that you used to host in your old website (mriganayani) - tried searching in the search box here and didn't get any results.. where can I find your old recipes?


  19. hi
    I am a silent follower ,but really like your recipes
    can you show me how to make putherekulu, an Andhra sweet dish
    thank you

  20. hi
    I love your recipes. please send me how to make butter biscut(vennai biscut) Thankyou

  21. Hi Anu, I have been following ur blog from past 1 year. All ur dishes are awesome i say!!! I have tried ur recipes and all came out very well.. thanx for sharing the recipes :) I dont know how to make nice milk tea, my tea is always bitter, dont know why:(. so can u help me out by posting a tea recipe!!!

  22. Hi Anu

    Has been a silent reader of your blog. love all your recipes. was wondering whether you can post some ideas & recipes for lunch box for kids. I need to start packing for my son from this september.

  23. Hey Anu.....

    Been following your blog for a while nw. was just wondering if you could post the recepie for Malai Kofta pls...........cheers!


  24. hi Anu
    I just bumped into your blog while I was google searching for some recipes....I was very impressed at your recipes...the step by step process I must say is too good. It really tempts me to try out your recipes..Your daughter's video I must say is damn cute. Being a mom of 2 naughty boys I miss having a daughter. Can you pls post some recipes for kids lunch box? My son is a fussy eater and I have to try hard to impress him both visually and also with the taste.....thanks again for all your recipes! God bless!

  25. Hi Anu, I have been following ur blog from past 1 year. All ur dishes are awesome!! Can you post healthy recipe for Moong Daal Halwa?

  26. hi,

    I just started learning how to cook...after much surfing and struggling, found ur blog...its AWE-SOMEEEE!!!! ... u have covered almost every dish i can think of... :) ..

    just a tip, if u market ur blog more, ppl like me wud find it easier to land up here...

  27. Hi Anu

    Love your recipes! Do you have one for Pav Bhaji? cannot find it on your site...

    Thanks! Anu

  28. hi ...

    I got to know about your blog from my friend...tried out a few rice recipes and really turned out well...thanks a lott... i would be thankful if you post the ven pongal preparation for four members... i have tried this for n numbr of times but no use .. :(

  29. Hi

    First off- i love your blog..can't live without it .....
    Had a quick questions:Do you have any recipe to make use of the bread know when we make sandwiches ......

  30. Hi Anu!

    Love your blog! Is there a recipe for Pav Bhaji? I am not able to find one on your site.


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. @Anu- I do have a Pav Bhaji post bt that from long long back and not very descriptive - here's the link anyway- will try to do a new fresh post

  33. hi anu...ur recipes r really awesome... can u post chettinad recipes also ? expecially gravies...:)

  34. Hi Anu,
    Love ur site. Want veruarasi adai recipe. Leme know if you we can use sona masoori rice instead of boiled rice.


  35. i real wish is to make gachack aka chicki at home. i think the heart of the dish is how much and how long to heat the sugar... how to caramal kind for chicki with the crisp.

  36. hi i m padma i tried to prepare malai koftha. gravy is ok. but the balls are not coming properly. wat shd i do

    1. Padma - what is happening to the balls? Do you have some potato or paneer in there that can hold it together? What is the exact issue you're facing?


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