My Cooking Apps

Well, Apps as in Appliances.

I love cookware. I love appliances. I love gadgets. Who doesn't?

And there are few of these sitting in my kitchen too. You know blenders, cookers, mixers etc. And if you noticed I added a 's' on all these making it plural. Yep, I got at least 2 of each!

All blender advertisements claim that you won't need 10 other appliances - their one blender can do the job of all other appliances. But, I have many of them and they all end up getting used - because you can't use the same thing for multiple jobs. For eg, when I need to quickly pulse a tomato to add to the pan while my onions are almost done, my magic bullet comes in handy not my big blentec. At the same time, when I need to grind dry pulses, nothing works like a good Indian mixie - that thing is built to grind the hard stuff all the time. And when I'm making smoothies for the whole family my blendtec gets a lot of attention. So, even though some might call me a blender hoarder, I don't mind having and using all three of these! And this does not even count my hand blender which I use everyday to blend daal before I add to rasam or sambar. So, that's 4 blenders.

You get the idea. So, these are some of the appliances I use day in and day out and can't live without. (Slight exaggeration intended)

Cuisinart Food Processor 11 Cup- When I cook for my big parties, which I do quiet often, this is like my third hand. This is what technology should be all about - making life easier. And on that aspect alone, my food processor gets a 11 on a 10 point scale. Put an apron on this one, and this can well take over my kitchen.

Blendtec - Well, I haven't tried blending golf sticks in here - but hey, makes the best smoothies and instant ice creams!

Kitchenaid Mixer - I don't think I can beat butter, sugar and eggs without this baby. Best Mother's day gift ever!

National Panasonic Mixie - Workhorse would probably be a good word to describe this. My 10th year on this and I don't want to jinx that. So, please ignore you read this.

Magic Bullet: I bet the aussie dude in their ads has no idea how many indian dishes I use this thing for. Quickie Blender and good at that. Perfect for a quick tomato puree or a quick ginger garlic paste.

Cuisinart Hand Blender - My Pav Bhaji partner. This is actually my third hand blender. Lost the first one while moving. Burnt the motor off the next one. Hoping my third one's a charm. If not, oh well, there will be a 4th.

Sanyo Rice Cooker - One of the best rice cookers I've owned. Capable of many more feats as you can see in the picture. But gives me my perfect rice every time. Like a loyal dog.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker - My sister's unused hand me down. Every time I make a slow cooker soup, I'm just glad she's my sister!

You will see all of the above routinely used in my posts. This is definitely not an advertisement for the brands. But, more to help folks who ask me what kind of appliances I use.


  1. This is probably my favourite page!!!!

  2. Your kitchen is loaded and you make good use of it!

  3. Yeah Nags, this is my favorite page too.

  4. I am confused between Cuisinart and Kitchen aid Artisan series stand mixer. Read many reviews that they dont make KitchenAid as strong as in the past. Could you help me please.

  5. Love this.. inspiring me to add something like this on my blog too :-)

  6. Hey Anu…. i was going to buy a new food processor. Looks like you confirmed my choice to go with one piece cuisinart food processor… thanks ! - Veena


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