Nov 1, 2009

Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes and their lives!

Happy Halloween my dear friends from all of us monsters!

Halloween is such a fun time for little kids! All that sugar rush and candy loot and dress up - its one of the best times in a kid's life. Maybe in some mom's life too - like mine.

This halloween I wanted to make some fun cupcakes! And oh what fun I had making these! Absolute fun!

These cupcakes are more for fun - so I really did not bother making the cupcakes from scratch. I used a store bought cake mix and made the chocolate cupcake. I used the german chocolate cake mix and made batter as per the instructions.

Line up a cupcake pan with fun Halloween paper liners.  Scoop the batter to 3/4 the paper liner.

Bake them as per the instructions and voila - here are the cupcakes!

I also got plain vanilla icing from the store and mixed up different food colors to make all color icing.


Here's my artists pallette...let's get to the fun part!


And my painting brushes - put all the icing in piping bags and give each one of the bags a fun icing tip.

After 30 mins of pure are my little monsters. Unleash your creativity and give the monsters all kinds of funky faces and fun features.

My little monsters need their 5 minutes of fame. Here's an up close and personal look at each one of them. And a little about their fun monster lives!

This is Olive. She loves to wear purple lipstick and is kind of a hot shot at school. Such a show off drama queen!

This is  Lionel. He smashed his nose one time and got a nose job done. The doctor thought it would be fun to give him a spiked nose. Became a style statement in monster town!

This is Mike Wazowski. He saw the Monsters Inc movie and loved Mike Wazowski so much in that and transformed himself into Mike. And also changed his name to Mike Wazowski. I can't tell you his real name or else he'll eat me up!

This is Daniel. He's just a cool kid - very loving and kind too. 

This is Mr. Patrick. He's a wise ex Navy guy - likes to walk around town and give everyone instructions on how to be a good person. Kids love to listen to his war stories!


This is Prof Kurt. He always has a very stern look on his face. But is sure a loving guy when you get to know him.


This is Ms. Spidy. She just loves to hang in there and has a very infectious laughter. Hahahhaha..

This is ex Captain Ron. He is a mummy now if you can see.  Well.. he did live a good life.


This is Mrs. Ron. She was do devastated after Mr. Ron passed away - she ate all the spaghetti in town and got sick and passed away soon. Her wish was to be mummified along with her love.

This is funny Tony. He loves his spike hair dos and always wants to make a fashion statement with his hair. He is one of the silliest guys around in monster town.


This one is terrible Tran. Not that he is terrible - but he is always terrifed. Look at that look on his face. He is just scared to be around the other monsters! Somebody help Tran!

This is sweetie pie Silver. She is pretending to be bald this halloween - that's actually her wig costume. 


This is just a game of tic-tac-toe that the monsters play in monster town.


This is Big Mo. He is a tall and handsome guy and loves to show off his mustache!  He has famous friends and always makes use of that anytime he needs it.


This is Sean. He is very much into sports and loves his games. Has the biggest screen television with an awesome home theater system in all of monster town.


This is Ms. Spidy's first cousin.  They love to go shopping together always. They are the most happening monsters in the malls!

This is Zak. He always picks fights with the other kids in school and the last time around broke half a teeth in one of the fights. Poor Zak!


This is Ryan. He's too thin - does not eat much - thinks veggies and fruits will make him sick. Eats worms occasionally. 


This is Dylan. Just the opposite of Ryan.  He eats anything and everything that walks, talks and sleeps. While I was busy taking pictures - he just ate an orange monster that was next to him - he's got the crumbs to prove it!


There's my monster town folks with the Spooky Gross Witch fingers.

Happy Halloween Human world!


 Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Oh, they are so cute! Any kid would love these :)

  2. wow...luks scary...belated happy halloween...

  3. Tats so so so cute of you.. lovely cakes and I love the explanation part too.. Great going. hope you had a great time too.. :)

  4. Quite a lot of lovely cupcakes. YOu certainly had fun decorating them. :)

  5. You put SO much effort into each of these! thats wonderful.....I am so *sick* of looking at halloween candy..ugh, I am done until next year!


  6. Woww am beautiful dear..

  7. Nice imagination! :)) And lovely trick or treating pictures.

  8. Wow.. they look fantastic. Good one dear, looks great.

  9. really well done! I specially liked the ones with the BIG TEETH :-D

  10. Thank you everybody for the wonderful comments - we had fun naming them and then gobbling them up - kind of evil but fun!

  11. Great
    You could have added colors to the finger nails in the background

  12. Lovely cup cakes and nice creativity and naming ceremony

  13. Hats off to your imagination and creativity. I have not observed this sense of creativity when we were at schools. Tell me honestly, who drew those monster gingers and onions in your Biology record note? I thought you were as bad as I in drawing. I think I now have to stand aside and clap at your stunning ability to create those funny cup cakes which would have undoubtedly pleased your little girl. Great going Anu!

  14. those fingers look seriously creepy! and yes, i just saw you live in CA. that explains the nice big oven. ok i will stop now.


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