Nov 20, 2009

Carrot Kheer

This was a recipe I stumbled upon during the newly married days - and thought it was the coolest thing on earth! I used to make it very often then..and then obviously because I gobbled it up that many times - I got bored of it!

But of late, this has been on back of my mind - its been a long long time since I made this. And furthermore, now I need stuff to write about in my blog! LOL! So, here it is.

For all you people who need perfect measurements, this post is not going to give you that. I have no idea how much milk or sugar I used in here. Its all in the color and taste. I'll explain it as we go on.

I bought these baby carrots for my daughter - she had her 2 days of baby carrot with ranch dressing craze - all she spoke about was this - so I got her this big pack of carrots and a big bottle of dressing. She ate probably 2 carrots and told me that they were too fat and hard to bite. I steamed them a little bit - and the she told me that they were soft and not too crunchy. She gave up on these faster than the time I took to write this post! So, I was stuck at home with half a bag of baby carrots. ( I ate some if you are counting). And that thought of making carrot Kheer jumped from the back of my head to the front!

To begin with, boil or pressure cook the baby carrots.

Move the boiled carrots after they cool down a bit into a blender and give it a whirrrrrrrrrr. Nice and smooth. No bits and pieces.


I should have a whole section of blendtec recipes!


Move the blended carrot puree into a pan.


Switch on the stove at medium heat and keep stirring till the raw smell goes away.


Now, add milk to this puree. How much - I don't know. Add till you get a nice peach color - milky - yet with the color of carrots - not too white. Not too carroty. In between - that perfect happy place. Got it? Sure?

This perfect place - look at that baby!

Now, add sugar to this - add about a cup of sugar first. Let it cook for a few mins and then taste a spoonful. Need more sugar? Add 1/2 cup at a time and test. Sweet enough - stop there.

Let this come to one boil and then switch off the stove. You're done. Carrot Kheer is ready!


Almonds make a good garnish - again you can go crazy here with your nuts - but this is what I put in.

Chop almonds vertically - 1 almond into 2 long slices. Add all to a small pan. Roast in medium heat. Add a spoon of sugar to caramelize it slightly.


Does this not look good to eat by itself? That's what actually happened at our house!


Garnish the kheer with the almonds and you're done.



All I want is a beach now!

This one's for you!


Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. Wow! Super cool..I should try this next time we have a bag full of baby carrots (almost every week!)

  2. Thanks for the Idea Anu. Now I got the best way to push carrots into Deepu's tummy. Because she is more like Anika when it comes to carrots. After looking at the pic she want's it now.

  3. Love the color of the kheer. Bookmarked!

  4. Looks tasty feelin hugry now!!!!!!!!!!:)

  5. Wow! How nice and cool! Why is it I am opening your website everytime I am hungry? Wish I could have a cool glass of carrot kheer now.

  6. First time here.......

    A wonderful space with such lovely and illustrated clicks..
    Love to follow ur blog

    Check my space when u find time

    with luv,

  7. Lipsmacking carrot kheer....drooling rite now here..

  8. The recipe appears to be terrific and so does the 'kheer' in tne glass with a cool umbrella!! Thanks for posting this, and i shall definitely try it out, and let you know!!

    have a great weekend!!

  9. sounds yummy,and creamy delight to indulge.
    Drop in sometime

  10. So fancy in that pretty glass... Yummy!

  11. These both look amazing! Perfect and so delicious! I can only imagine the taste of your first Thai curry with all the paste, lol. But forget that, because all of these look wonderful!

  12. Delicious Kheer. I too love them a lot, Amma made them for us during summer holidays.

  13. The carrot kheer looks relishing and refreshing and a nice click.

  14. Looks very delicious, love it especially the glass for me.


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