Nov 15, 2009

Oven Roasted Bhindi Sambhariya

I had already blogged once about Bhindi Sambhariya here.

We had invited our friends over for dinner and I decided to make this as a sabji along with Roti, daal and other stuff.  I made the stuffing and my mother in law said that she would stuff it in the Bhindi while I cooked the other things. When I saw how nicely she had stuffed the bhindi, I did not have the heart to fry it in a pan and break it all up. I wanted them to look as beautiful as they were when stuffed.

So, at the spur of the moment I decided to bake these instead of pan fry them. I used a pastry brush and brushed oil over the bhindis and baked them in a preheated oven at 350F for about 25 - 30 mins. Keep checking them in between and brush a little more oil if you think they are drying up.

Please click here for the step by step recipe for making the stuffing. This is originally from Tarla Dalal's cookbook. I loved this recipe and wanted to try it - it turned out great and is now a favorite bhindi recipe for me. 

I made the stuffing exactly as before. Here's how they look after all the bhindi's were stuffed. Does this not look beautiful??


I just moved the whole sheet on to the oven. As they got roasted, you could see them shrinking.


There it is - nicely roasted. The stuffing gets cooked well and the bhindi skin gets roasted and becomes crisp. This also uses way less oil than if you would traditionally pan fry them.


There's the whole sheet of them. Even though, I made this as a side dish for rice and rotis, my guests told me that I should have just served them as appetizers. They were perfect finger foods and fit for appetizers.


Another close up shot - you all know I cannot resist!


Enjoy! Peace Out!


  1. The first photo looks so cute and photogenic. and sambharia looks sooooo crunchy and crispy.

  2. Which oven do you have and how comes its so big and why don't I have an oven like that? Write back!

  3. Nags - I think I'm going to name my oven after you - since you do like it a lot. But, really - its kind of a small oven - not a monstrous one like in many american homes!

  4. Mine is teeny tiny. Its there in my butterscotch blondies post. The thing is, in Asian homes, atleast ones built not keeping expats in mind, there are no ovens. so i brought one back from india.

  5. Wow.. this looks really interesting :)

  6. Really very interesting...such a healthy dish!

  7. a great idea to bake them! Your MIL is quite patient to stuff all of those, she did such a neat job! :)

  8. So crunchy! I should try this. We all are big fans of bindi (in any form). But I wonder if I have that much patience to make them in huge quantities. Even if I make, I will munch them as I prepare :)

  9. They do look so perfect, I love stuffed okra!

  10. When I want to prepare okra curry for a potluck, my daughter asked me to bake it and referred your site. I tried your above recipe with slight modification in the stuffing and it is really good. I am going to post that recipe in my blog with due reference to your recipe.

    Thanks and regards

  11. Anu,
    I prepared this Bhindi Sambhariya last friday and it tasted really good when I finsished baking it, but suddenly I got an idea of broiling it for couple of mins & finally switched off after 5 mins due to some other stuff I was doing and all my bhindis got burnt at the top :-( Even then we dint leave it, simply we had it all :-) Thanks for ur great recipes.

  12. The link to the stuffing recipe is broken. It looks Great and I want to try it.


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