The Face Behind

A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a professional and now a blogger too.

And that too about food. 

Life is blessed and I'm thankful for that. 

I started this blog just to document my favorite things. And somehow it all ended up in food. I've had my share of kitchen mishaps including a totally overflown valentine heart cake (no one told me not to fill to the rim). But I kept going at it. My husband is a food lover but also a very patient guy. Thankfully, we survived our years of burnt food and rock chappathis. All's well that ends well. Now I can cook a thing or two. 

One of my biggest critics is my 6 yr old daughter who does not mince her words. When she loves my food, I get a big hug, a kiss and everything else. When its not the case (or in every case of a dish with peas) I get this - "Please don't ever put this on your blog or you'll stop getting any followers and even the ones you have will run away". Yes baby. I love you too.

The biggest feedback I get from friends I grew up with is that they all cannot believe I can cook or even do anything remotely responsible. But, yeah the sun shines on all of us eventually!

Here are a few pointers on me. You might get to know me better..or not. 

1. Even though I love to cook, I love to eat out too. I like to try new foods at times, but there have been many instances when I go back to the same restaurant to eat the same dish that I've eaten a million times!

2. I'm obsessed with the internet - I have to have at least about 10 windows open at a time - multitask too much - somehow my eyes cannot read a page more than a couple of minutes. My brain has become a monkey on the internet - keeps jumping everywhere. And yes, many times I've felt that I've come to the end of the internet. 

3. I love to shop. And of late, its been for that single bowl or platter or a spatula that is just a weird shape and I might not even know what to do with it. But yes, I love to shop. I can navigate while sleeping.

4. I'm a pretty easy going person. Don't care about anything much. I don't take things too seriously. Sometimes a bad thing - but most of the time works in favor of me.

5. My friends are a very very important part of my life. I'm still in touch with some of my oldest and best friends - even my best friend since kindergarten! To me, my friends are like my family. I always try to keep in touch with all my friends. Thanks to FB, its easy nowadays.

6. And of course, my real family is the one I'm eternally grateful for - My parents, my in-laws, my sister and everyone in our little circle. They are my rock. My forever rock. 

7. I studied French as a language in college (I was in college - swear it was the hormones) and barely passed my paper. I think I got just about 40 on 100 which was a phew just pass. No wonder I can't remember a word of French I studied. And the French I do know today is far from what was in the books. Let's just not go there now. 

8. I love to watch movies and listen to songs. I need constant noise around me and many times that comes from a non stop playlist or my ipod. There is always something playing when I'm home or on the road.

9. I'm not artistically blessed or anything but can manage to do a little bit of glass painting. Ive done a few paintings - pretty simple stuff - but haven't painted in many years now - my passion has moved on to blogging I you can see! Hopefully, I'll keep this up.

10. I'm obsessive when it comes to folding clothes - they have to be folded my way. OCD ..I think. They have to be a certain way and kept back in shelves in a certain way - it makes me go crazy if that order is messed up. Same with my coffee mugs - colors in a row, whites in a row. Like I said, my husband is a patient guy.

Enjoy your stop here at the blog. I was born and grew up a vegetarian. So, all the food you see here is also vegetarian. But good, wholesome and 'can't get enough of' vegetarian. 

Contact me for any comments or questions (anything except French!) at


  1. anu ... u and ur ocd.. god knows how we were roomies with me being the shabbiest :)

  2. its a very nice name anu.. like the new look.. keep up the good work.

  3. @ Sandy - LOL! I was equally shabby back then. I think my OCD is a recent thing. I hope so.

  4. thats a nice write up about urself....the only thing I didnt know was ur thats really something!!! whites in a row, colours....did you know I arrange my sweaters in rainbow shades...?? LOL...i start frm the deepest violet and go on to the crimsons!!! now i know i am not alone!!! :)


  5. Shoba - rainbow colors? really? I bow down to you, O great one!

  6. Love the new look and you have great recipes! Thanks for sharing

  7. We are similar in point 3 :-)
    Good to know u.

  8. Nice to "see" you, have been following your blog for a while now...

  9. Hey akka, still cant believe how u can maintain urself after cooking all this food. I definitely agree tht ur blog is an inspiration 2 veggie eaters like the people in our family... So u give me hope to stay egg-free while staying in the US. Love u akka and keep in touch

  10. hi dear...
    have visited numerous cooking blogs..but urs has such a nice energetic feel..i mean i just can,t describe it..i loved the bubly,positive part of u..may be i am the same..
    i wish i cud start a blog of my own...i love to cook..and since i am newly wed sooooooo...u can imagine the passion
    any ways...not to forget...i loved ur recipies too..have bookmarked a few..will try for sure..
    keep up the good work
    wish u tons of luck n love

  11. Hey good to know you Anu,lots in common between us :),nice space with loads of recipes, moving onto your recipe post now :)

  12. When I was in US with my bro for a short trip ,I loved that hummus and falafels...I am very thankful to you for making it a home dish in INDIA :)

  13. Hey Anu,
    I've seen a couple of your posts as Mriganayani on FB, and it never occurred me that you were behind this! WOW!! Absolutely proud of you, girl!

    I see that you've been away for a while. You should get back to blogging your yummy recipes, and who knows, somebody I'll be inspired to cook as well :)

    Love & hugs,


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