Sep 16, 2009

Veggie Hakka Noodles and Gobi Manchurian!


One other Indian Chinese original - never to be found in China or anywhere else! People in the Hakka province in China can eat a plate of this and wonder why they never knew about it!

Most of you who are reading this and who like Indian chinese food probably has by default ordered this everytime you went to eat in the great Indian chinese restaurants in India. Its my staple when I go to Golden Dragon in Salem or Cascade or Rangis in Chennai. Its usually an order of Hakka Noodle and one fried Rice and a couple of curries and soup and spring rolls for appetizers! And we ordered all of these even if we were only a couple of friends eating out! Oh my...I was totally calorie ignorant when I was in college!

I had got the Chings Hakka Noodles packet here in my local grocery store. They have also now come out with the 5 mins quick spice mix in different flavors like Manchurian, Schezwan and Chilli Panneer and yes, I bought one of each! So, this post is not from scratch but a quick dinner option using the convenient instant foods available in the market. To its defense, it does have fresh veggies and a little bit of cooking involved. 

Today was my day to try the Hakka Noodles and Gobi Manchurian!

So - here it goes -

Chop all the veggies required lengthwise. I chopped up 2 green chillies, cabbage, onions, carrots, green beans. You can also add bell pepper if you like.

For the Hakka Noodles, first boil about 4 -5  cups of water in a wide pan. When the water is boiling, add the packet noodles and cook for a couple of mins. When the noodles are done, pour it in a colander immediately and wash with cold water. This stops the cooking process and also make sure that the noodles don't stick to each other. You can add a tsp of oil to the noodles and mix well.

Add a couple of tsp of oil to the pan. When hot, add the green chillies and onions. Fry for a couple of mins.

Add all the veggies together and fry for a couple of mins. Do not overcook the veggies - they should still be crispy when done.

Add the cooked noodles now and mix well with the veggies. The chings packet came with a seasoning that had black pepper, white pepper and salt in there. I added that. If you don't have the seasoning, just add some freshly grounded black pepper and salt.


You are done - serve hot!

Now, for the side kick - Gobi Manchurian.

I cut up some big florets of Cauliflower. In a mixing bowl, take about 2 tsp of maida, 1 tsp of corn flour. Add some salt and red chilli powder. Add water to make a paste. Dunk the cauliflowers in here and fry it hot oil.


For the sauce, I cup up some onions, bell pepper and carrots into big pieces. Chop up a couple of green chillies and ginger finely. In a wide pan, add a tsp of oil. When hot, add the chopped green chillies and ginger. Fry for a min. Then, add the onions  - fry for a min. Then add the cut bell peppers and carrots. Fry it all for a min and add the Chings manchurian spice mix. Add water if needed, but as this cooks, the sauce will thicken up. Cook for about 5 mins and you are done! Just before serving, add the fried Gobi pieces in here and mix well.


Enjoy the hot Hakka Noodles with Gobi Manchurian!


Peace Out!


  1. Fantastik!! Unfair, I have a craving now!!!

  2. Same pinch ... so you too made noodles last night... looks so yummy and also perfectly served with gobi manchurian... that is the best combo :)

  3. GR8 combo!!!! My all time favorite.

  4. WOw wow wow.. thats wonderful Feast. Thats my fav combo will have anytime. Real tempting one. Perfect !!!

  5. Hi mriganayani...Nice way to explain,,liked the step by step pictures...just looks mouthwatering....

  6. Woww mouthwatering dishs, am hungry now..

  7. Did you say SALEM??? I didn't know we had a chinese eatery in our fav town yaar. And hakka noodles got me to watch Munnabhai again!Your step by step is a virtual tutorial. Wowww!!!

  8. wow thats a yummy feast...nice step by step instruactions too...lovely presentation...

  9. that combo....pictorial is helpful....feel like having right now....

  10. First time here..u hv a nice blog dear...lovely noodles and manchurian..I just love that combo...
    Do visit my blog when u get time..

  11. Classic your step by step instructions!

  12. Hi Mrignayani. My first time, very well explained step by step presentation. I am ready to eat this, too inviting.

  13. Lovely Combo and well explained. I have made macaroni and is in my draft. Will be published soon.

  14. Hi All,

    Thanks for all of your wonderful comments!

    @ Padma - same pinch to you too!

    @ Lata Raja - yes of course - Golden Dragon is in the Shantham complex on the first floor upstairs. Its been there for ages now - the management has changed a few times - people in Salem have diff opinions about them - but I still love the place. Try it when you are there. Are you from Salem too?

    @ Prathibha and Pari - Welcome to the blog - hope you have a nice time here browsing. Thanks for stopping by and hoping to see you here always!

    And all others - thanks again!

  15. Your pictures are looking good.. Is it the new camera? Noodles look yummy

  16. Hey Kay,

    Yes it is the new camera..hopefully all the steam from the cooking does not spoil this one too!

  17. Looks delectable and yummy and colourful:)

  18. Anu, Hakka noodle i can get it, how about the manchurian sauce, is it availble in Indian stores, what is it called?


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