Sep 10, 2009

My Honest Scrap Award

PJ from Seduce Your Tastebuds passed me on this beautiful award. Thank You PJ. Thanks for the support and recognition - means a lot to me!

Like all awards, this comes with its wonderful frills - 10 honest things about myself. That's a tough one! hahah

Let me try ....

1. Even though I like to cook, I love to eat out. I like to try new foods at times, but there have been many instances when I go back to the same restaurant to eat the same dish that I've eaten a million times! Even now, when I travel to India, on the way home from the railway station in Salem, I stop in a my favorite restaurant to parcel my fav food!

2. I'm obsessed with the internet - I have to have at least about 10 windows open at a time - multitask too much - somehow my eyes cannot read a page more than a couple of minutes. My brain has become a monkey on the internet - keeps jumping everywhere. I buy a newspaper at home but only look at them for the local shopping all the news online though.

3. Speaking of shopping, I love to shop and to bargain. I sometimes end up buying things I don't need just because it was a great deal. Trying to cut out that habit. Also one of my fav places to shop in the whole world is in Bombay on Linking Road - love it love it love it! And also shopping the wholesale places in Salem and Karur! My new obsession is to buy clothes for my daughter!

4. I'm a pretty easy going person. Don't care about anything much. I don't take things too seriously. Sometimes a bad thing - but most of the time works in favor of me.

5. My friends are a very very important part of my life. I'm still in touch with some of my oldest and best friends - even my best friend since kindergarten! To me, my friends are my family. I always try to keep in touch with all my friends. Thanks to FB and Orkut, its easier nowadays!

6. And my family is the best! My dad and mom are perfect parents and made me what I am today. My sister and I have so much in common yet so distinct from each other! We used to fight every single day of our childhood but are best friends today! My husband is a wonderful husband..can't ask for more - same with my inlaws. And my daughter is just the sunshine of my life - her goofiness and love defines my life now!

7. As a student, I was never very studious - but always managed to get a 100 percent on my main papers like computer science! I was never a bookworm - but would listen up well in class - that was what got me through. I do have to mention that I took up French as a second language in college and barely passed my papers! I think I got 40 out of 100 which was a just pass! No wonder I can't remember a word of french I studied!

8. I love to watch movies and have to admit that I can tear up with an emotional dialogue....hahha.. Kannathil Muthamittal is till date one of my fav movies - Ive watched it so many time and cry each time I watch it!

9. I'm not artistically blessed or anything but can manage to do a little bit of glass painting. Ive done a few paintings - pretty simple glass painting stuff - but haven't painted in many years now - my passion has moved on to blogging I you can see! Hopefully, I'll keep this up!

10. I'm obsessive when it comes to folding clothes - they have to be folded my way. OCD ..I think. They have to be a certain way and kept back in shelves in a certain way - it makes me go crazy if that order is messed up in my life.

Phew..this was a tough one - its hard to write about oneself - the next time I think I will just email 10 of my friends and ask then to write something about me.

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Congratulations to all of you! Please follow these award guidelines below -

1. Please list 10 honest things about yourself.
2. Please put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on your blog. You will have to select at least 7 other worthy bloggers & list their links
3. Please notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow these three guidelines too.


  1. COngrats on ur award and nice to know more about u..

  2. Congrats on your award .. thats very interesting to read honest scraps about you dear. Thanks so much for passing me , I am really honoured. Hey by the way are you from salem ?

  3. Congrats gal and thanks a lot for sharing with me :)

  4. Congrats on your award! Nice reading your honest things :) Thank you so much for thinking about me too :)


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