Sep 23, 2009

Thiratti Paal - without the 1 hr process

Thiratti Paal is a sweet dish passed on down through generations. This is similar to Kalakkand. This is an absolute comfort food - does not look too fancy - but just the mere taste of it will take you back years - nestled in your favorite chair back home - talking on the phone to your best friend - eating a cup of thiratti paal that mom or grandma just made. The smell of milk and sugar cooked together - with a little bit of ghee...yumm...

Doing this the traditional way will take about an hour or so to get a cup of thiratti paal! But, thanks to today's technology and microwaves, this takes about 12 mins or a little more. I cannot single out the differences in both - they both taste divine.

To start with, add one can or two cans of sweetened condensed milk to a microwave safe bowl. I strongly recommend you to go with a glass bowl and not a plastic bowl - you don't want to heat up anything in plastic for a long time.

For each can of condensed milk, add 2 tbsp of milk and 2 tbsp of fresh curds in the bowl.

Mix well until all the curds and milk are combined with the condensed milk.

Move the bowl to the microwave and heat on high for about 4 mins. Take it out and stir well. Add a tbsp of ghee at this point.


Move back to the microwave and keep heating in intervals of 2 mins. After every 2 mins, take it out and stir it up well.

I have added pictures in each stage. Initially, you will notice all the water separating from the milk. As  you keep heating, this will evaporate a little bit and get pulled back in a little bit.

The ghee will also separate initially but by the end, it will all be combined well.

When it starts combining together, add a pinch of cardamom powder for flavor.

This is done here below. I kind of lost track of the exact number of minutes I microwaved this - but I think its about 14-16 mins. This might vary depending upon your microwave power levels.


Serve hot or cold - either way its not going to last for a long time! Enjoy!

Peace out!


  1. Wow this is one of my favorite dish. The dish looks very delish and inviting. The texture looks good. Thanks for the easy process of doing this dish.

  2. The Thiratti Pal looks really good,and very well explained.. is it not very much like the kalakand?

  3. mmm. an absolute temptation. easy and yummy :)

  4. Looks creamy and perfect! Great step by step pics!

  5. wow..luks yummy..first time in ur blog..gud job

  6. This method is easy , but I think it matches with paal halwa rather than tirattupaal.

  7. this looks wicked...could eat it up right now!!!

  8. Very interesting recipe...if this is taking such a long time in oven then imagine how long on stove top...but the result looks extremely yummy....

  9. I did this thiratti paal last few days back, just love it...

  10. Thats an interesting one...Must be very delicious...loved the step by step explaination with pic as well....

  11. Wonderful presentation with step by step lovely and delicious pictures.
    Please accept your award from my blog.

  12. wow! looks yummy!
    will surely try it out!
    do visit my blog when u find time!

  13. Looks very nice, am big fan of all milk sweets.

  14. oh i love this, your step by step clicks are very helpful dear..keep rocking!

  15. Easy and simple, yet so delicious. Tried it tonight. Thanks Anu!!


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