Sep 14, 2009

Jeera Rasam

This Rasam is a very flavorful rasam and is also a very easy rasam to make. This rasam does not need pre cooked daal to be added. Hence, can be done in a jiffy. Also, this is one of the best knows cold and sinus reliever. It also helps a lot in digestion. So, if you've had a long weekend with too many parties and too much heavy food, make this on Monday for lunch! You will thank me!

There are a couple of variations that can be done with this rasam. If you are making it to help with a cold, add some black peppers to it grind it along with the other ingredients. That will just unclog your sinuses and feels good! To help with digestion, add some black peppers and also a couple of cloves of garlic, this version has a cartload of flavor and is best had as a soup. 

To get started with the basic jeera rasam, take a small pan. Dry roast 1 tsp of Jeera, 1/2 tsp of coriander seeds, 1/4 tsp of fenugreek seeds (vendiyam) and about 10-12 curry patha leaves (Karuvepilai). Alternatively, you can also roast these in a tsp of ghee..that also brings out a lot of flavor.

Grind this into a paste in a mixie or blender.


In a rasam pan, add about 1 chopped tomato and fry for a min. Add a cup of water to this and let it boil.

 You will need to have soaked about 1 lemon sized piece of tamarind in water. Squeeze out all the juice from the tamarind and add it to the boiling tomatoes. Add 1 tsp of rasam powder and 1 tsp of salt and let this boil.

After this has boiled for about 5 mins of until the raw smell of the tamarind is gone, add the jeera paste to this and mix well. Add water if needed to thin down the rasam. Let this boil for about 10 minutes until the flavors start coming out.

Switch off the stove when done. In a small tadka pan, add a tsp of ghee and do a tadka of mustard seeds and add it to the rasam.

Enjoy hot with rice or just in a cup like soup.

Peace Out!


  1. Nothing will beat this flavourful rasam..looks great!

  2. Jeera is one of my favourite spice and rasam is my all time favourite comfort food...jeera rasam sounds extremely drool worthy...

  3. Drooling here..m sucker for rasams...yummy!

  4. Hi...
    Hve tried ur cauliflower peas roast..came out yummy.. of my favorites mom used to make it in much more easy way...dry roasting jeera, pepper, few coriander seeds and grinding it along with tomato. She always as home-made tamarind pureed in refrigerator. She boils the grounded paste, tamarind puree and water and do the tadka..Thn she will mix with rice and boil us a yummy rasam sadam for dinner..feelin nostalgic..
    Ur blog is awesome..


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