Sep 29, 2009

Coconut Rice

This is a first of a four post variety rice party! That's right - I have 4 new posts on variety rice! Crazy..maybe.

Coconut Rice is a very easy dish - but tastes so good. Even people who are not big coconut fans tend to like this dish.

I was making this for lunch on Saraswathi Puja day. I decided to have a lunch with just variety rice and this was my first pick. Maybe just because I love coconuts!

Cook Rice and keep separately to cool down. If you are using Basmati rice, use 1 cup is to 1 1/2 cup water ratio. That cooks the rice well but still keeps the grains separate.

In a pan, add a tsp of oil. Add mustard seeds when the oil is hot. When the mustard seeds splutter, add 1 tsp each of channa daal and urad daal. Add Hing, Green chilli, red chillies, curry leaves and chopped ginger in here too. Add about 1 tbsp of shelled peanuts. Fry everything for a min.

Now, add 1 cup of grated coconuts in here and roast for a min. Do take care and make sure that you don't burn the coconuts.

Switch off the stove and add the cooked rice to this. Stir everything in with the rice gently taking care to not break the rice. Add salt to taste. You are done!


Serve hot or at room temperature. Serve with aviyal or chips or vathal.

Enjoy. Peace out!

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  1. love coconut rice....yours have come out perfect...hop in our blog whenever you have time...


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