May 7, 2009

Samosa Chaat

I had some left overs from my Bunco party on Tuesday. So, I decided to make a quick Samosa chaat as I had all the ingredients for it.

So, here are my samosas - I made these at home - but used the uncooked tortilla for the covering. I had also made Green Pudina chutney for Sev Puri. I got the red chutney from this small Indian restaurant closeby. Was lazy to make that and somehow I love the taste of this chutney at this place. I got some fine thin sev from the grocery store.

I chopped up some veggies - tomatoes, cucumbers, half an onion and some cilantro. Mix them up.

Add the veggies on top of the samosas. Add both the chutneys to taste and then sprinkle the sev on top to finish off. Tada! Samosa Chaat is ready.

Here's a good recipe for the green chutney. I love the taste of this chutney. Make this a little thick without adding water and you can then use that as a spread for bombay sandwich.
1 pack of fresh green pudina (mint leaves)
2 packs of fresh cilantro
a couple of green chillies
about 1/2-1 cup of peanuts
about half an onion chopped up
one tbsp of yogurt
Dhaniya-Jeera powder
Salt to taste.
Just put them all raw in a blender and puree it. Add about 1 tbsp of water to get a thin liquid consistency to use for chaats. Make it thick without adding water for a sandwich spread.

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  1. Perfect!.........But now i need the samosa recepie :-) Want to try it at home too!


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