May 7, 2009

Changed My Music

Changed the music in my blog as you probably notice.

I've added a nice playlist of Carnatic music. I can almost see the shock on my dad's face. he's probably thinking lightning stuck me and something went wrong with my brains!

I kind of started liking to listen to Carnatic music. Grew up with that - actually my sister is a good Veena player. My parents even tried to teach me that stuff. I remember that veena teacher would almost close his ears when I start playing! he always told me that I played veena like I played the guitar - I was kind of rocking with it and he would also tell me that if i ever played for a concert - I would not need a mic as I stroked it so loud, the whole place can hear it!

Anyways..a few years later now - I'm kind of interested in atleast listening to Carnatic music. So, I picked some of my favorite songs and created a playlist. I also added some marriage music like Seetha kalayanam and Kanoonjal adi irundha..these are songs we would hear at every wedding - so its kind of nostalgic!

Anyways - enjoy the music if you are into it!

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