May 15, 2009

Lemon Rasam

Lemon Rasam - one of my favorite rasams - quick and easy to make.

I'm planning to do a complete set of Rasam recipes. Here is the first one to start the collection!

Before you make the rasam, boil about 1/2 cup of Toor Daal.

Chop about 2 tomatoes and blend them. Add a couple of green chillies and blend along with the tomatoes. You don't have to blend the tomatoes, but I like to - that way I can drink the rasam like a soup without having to bite on pieces of tomatoes.

Add the blended puree to a pan. Add salt, hing, and Rasam powder. Let this cook really well. Do not add a lot of water to this at this time.

When the tomato puree is cooking, blend the toor daal that is already boiled. Personally, I don't like pieces of daal - like them all mashed up. Add the daal to the boiling tomato mixture. Do not add too much water at this point. Let this mixture boil really well - maybe about 5- 10 mins.

When its all done, add water now - I added equal quantity of water - almost to the top.

Let this boil again. If you are like me and just like to stand there and watch your rasam and take pictures of it - you will not miss the moment when the rasam overflows! haha -I can't believe it - I was taking pictures and just then my rasam boiled over. Now I have a big mess to clean up!

Switch off stove after about 5 mins.

Now, to a small pan add a spoon of ghee to prepare the tadka. Using ghee is essential here to enhance the flavor of the rasam. It definetly makes a difference. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves and a few pieces of Jeera. Once the mustard seeds splutter, add this to the rasam.

Cut half a lime and squeeze the fresh juice on top of the rasam. Chop a few cilantro leaves and add on top of the rasam.

Enjoy your yummy rasam as a soup or mix it up with rice.


  1. Hiya Mriganayani,

    If you are still planning to try out rasam varieties, you might find this helpful.....


  2. Finally the best explained lemon rasam recipe!
    Can't thank you enough! It came out well!


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