May 17, 2009

Nandu's World famous pakodas!!


That's what my friends call it. Yeah - our world is about 20 people!

But I have to give it to my husband - he does make really good pakodas!

We had a potluck party last night and my friends wanted my husband to make his pakodas. I made dahi vada and pudhina rice. But, we can talk about that later!

Here's his recipe -

Cabbage -about 1/2 a big one - cut into fine pieces
Onions - about 1 big - cut into fine pieces
Cilantro - a bunch - chop into fine pieces
Green chillies - about 4-5 - chop into fine pieces
Ginger - about an inch piece - chop finely
Salt - to taste
Red chilli powder - 1tsp or more depending upon your heat level

Mix up all the chopped stuff above.

Add besan and rice flour (1:1/4) to the mix. Mix it up without adding water at this point.
When all the ingrediens are mixed up and still dry, heat up oil in a deep fryer pan.

Take a small part of the dry mixture in a smaller bowl, sprinkle water on it and mix it up. Do not add a lot of water - then it becomes more like a bajji rather than pakodas. Once the mixture is nice and moist and still thick, add little pieces to the hot oil. Cook till its done.

Enjoy these pakodas hot.

I like to add some peanuts or cashews to the mixture - that is also really tasty and a good variation.



  1. Wow thats mouthwatering pakodas...looks so good with pictures and crispy too.

  2. Hey Anu.....delicious pakoras......loved em thoroughly.
    Give Nandu me & my belly's regards!!


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