May 14, 2009

Potato Roast!

This is an old favorite of everybody in my family. My sis and I used to fill up our cups and eat potato even before it was done. My husband can eat potatoes everyday of his life! My roomie Sandy loved potato fry and it was about the only thing she cared to learn to cook!

So these are to those potato fry fans! Here's to you! Cheers!

I usually cut them into small squares and fry them up. Sometimes I slice them round and fry them. Today I decided the long thin cuts were the way to go - I just like to keep changing the shape of the cut pieces - just for fun!

Wash and Peel about 4- 5 potatoes and cut them into any shape you like.

Add about 2 tsp of oil to a pan.
Add Mustard seeds and Jeera (Cumin)
Add some hing powder
Add maybe a tsp of urad daal
Add the cut potato pieces and mix them up well.

Now for the seasoning, add salt, red chilli powder and about a tsp of sambar powder to kick it up a notch. Turn the flame on sim and let it cook. This is crucial for the potato to slow roast. Or else they might become dark soon but will not be very flavorful. So, patience O Wise one!

Mine cooked for almost 30 mins or so - you can see how well it is roasted.

My menu for dinner tonight was potato roast and lemon rasam and rice. I'll add another post for the lemon rasam! Enjoy!

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