Mar 12, 2009

Tukkada - Diamond Shaped Desi Chips!

Perfect Snack!

Today I picked up my daughter from school. Occasionally I stop at Albertsons, a grocery store, near her school to pick up stuff. But today I came home straight. She saw the store and started to ask me for a Donut. I figured she was hungry. She usually does'nt like them much - but if she was asking me for those - I knew she has got to be realllllllly hungry!

The 2-mile long ride back home from school almost gave me a headache because of the constant whining - you never get me never take me to albertsons - i promise I won't ask tomorrow...I really really want a get it - a pain in the head!

So, I came home and gave her a cup of Bournvita! and some fruits...that helped a bit..I could see a small smile. Then she started again- why don't you make me some donuts? With sprinkles on top - just like Alberstons! Just google the recipe, mom and you can find somehting. I even did that and pretended that I did not have salt and sugar to make the donuts. She let out a sigh and told me that I need to stock up tomorrow so we can make donuts! I was looking for my tylenol at this point.

But then something occured in my mind - what did we do when we were kids in India - I never ate a donut until I came to the US. What would mom have for me..then a lightning stuck ...murukku..thattai..tukkada..hmm....tukkada..tukkada...dough, fry, sprinkle with sugar..similar to a donut. I started googling..and got something.

In the next 30 mins, I made these things below. My husband just stepped in ...first asked me to make a little bit. Once I fried the first batch, he ate it all and asked me to make more!

So here it is - easy to make - easier to eat..

Add Dry ingrdients in a bowl - 1 1/2 cups wheat flour (atta), 1/2 cup maida, salt, red chilli powder - a lot of people don't add this - but I like it a tad spice - so I added maybe 1/2tsp. Mix these dry ingredients together well until combined.

Add water little by little to this and knead well till a nice ball dough is formed.

Divide this dough into small balls. Roll out each ball like a chappathi. Cut the circle into vertical strips first. Then cut across making small diamond shaped pieces. I used my big knife and just placed it on the board and applied a little pressure. Easy cuts!

Pick up the pieces and fry them in hot oil. Flip them in a minute to cook all sides. Remove when you see a nice golden color. Drain the fried pieces in a paper towel. Once cool, move them to an air tight container to store!

Now for the sweet verion of this.

You will need 1 cup of powdered sugar. I took my regular sugar and gave it a whirrrr in my magic bullet.

Now I have to go make dinner for my family...tata!


  1. Should try this. It seems to be a good instant sweet tooth gratification with not much of sugar... good one!!

  2. Thanks Kay!

    This is usually prepared by preparing a heavy sugar syrup and then mixing this with that. But, that is definetly more sugar- this works easier and with less sugar. Satisfies the sweet tooth for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hmmm, I remember my Mom preparing this for me. But you are simply amazing! How come you manage to prepare snacks at home!! I prefer buying snacks. I rarely take the pains of preparing stuff at home for snacks.

    Yours indeed looks tempting. I honestly would like to know the reason for your transition - from what you were to what you now are!! I just can't believe that you have become so responsible!!!

  4. Like I told you - Its not responsibility - its neccesity - I love these little things and when i want it - I'm impatient - can't go to a store to buy it - find it easier to make it from scratch. If I don't make it in the next 1 hr - I usually never make it!

  5. Oh Anu,

    I just luv this snack. You can also do the regular version without the sugar.......that tastes yummy too!


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