Mar 12, 2009

Poo Kari Vandhitta...

Well..the translation for this topic is - Here comes the flower lady!

When I grew up in Salem, we always had door service. Veggies were delivered in the morning by a lady. A guy used to bring fresh milk to the house in his bicycle. Flowers were delivered every evening - malli poo, jadi poo, oosi malli, gundu malli...etc. I miss all those things now. As soon as she's near our house, she screams - "Amma, poo ma" And then someone inside our house would scream "Poo Kari Vandhitta..". My mom would go out and buy flowers from her.

This time when I went to India, I happened to have my camera in my hand when our poo kari came. So, I got a couple of quick pictures - she was just elated to have posed for me!! I made her day!

I wish my poo kari would come and give me flowers like this everyday in the US. I wish my dhobi will come and iron my clothes everyday.....but for now, I'll keep dreaming!


  1. So nice of you to have captured the picture of your 'pookari'. It would have indeed been a proud moment for her.

  2. This is the most beautiful page to me. May be I like flowers.......malli poo,mulla pooooooo,jamandi poooooo,rosa pooooooooooo.
    pookkari pookkari...........
    byw, I like ur songs.

  3. This is fun isn't it Anu! But one thing i noted, the cost of living has increased so much at our place, i got 1 mulam poo for 12 rupees.......can you believe it? It used to be less than Rs 5 when we were young.......But whatever said, they are priceless.And what a luxury to have them delivered at our doorstep!


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