Mar 22, 2009

Lemon and Chocolate Layer Cake

I love chocolate. My husband does not.
I love cakes. My husband does not.
I love chocolate cakes. My husband does not.

So, it kind of became difficult for me to bake something for him for his birthday. So, I gave him an option - it will be chocolate (I have to eat the cake too!) but I was more than ready to add a layer of whatever he picks!! See what a good wife I was being! He picked Lemon! Not my favorite - but hey - its his birthday - he gets to have a layer of whatever he wants!

So, I decided to bake a lemon and chocolate layer cake. With pecans! After some research, I baked a chocolate sheet cake and a lemon sheet cake. I used the same recipe of the chocolate sheet cake - minus the cocoa, add some lemon zest and fresh lemon juice to it - and voila! lemon sheet cake.

I made some chocolate icing and another batch of the same without the cocoa, add lemon zest and lemon juice and voila - lemon icing. I added chopped pecans to the icing for that nutty taste!
I cut the sheet cakes into halves, applied the icing to all four layers. And assembled them one on top of the other. Applied the remaining icing all around the cake!

There it was - it does not look perfect - but that was my first attempt at layer cakes.

The lemon icing on the top was a little strong all by itself but eating the whole cake as a piece worked well.

Happy Birthday Hubby and hopefully by next year, you will start eating chocolate cakes!!


  1. Cool! Such a lovely cake! I have never tried preparing cakes at home. I don't know how to appreciate you. Your husband is indeed lucky to have you as his wife. He gets to taste so many tasty delicacies!! Being a male in this aspect is a nice feeling since you get food without cooking.

  2. Oh i luv to make cakes at home. I should try this one.
    The only step i fail is the icing part, and Khaviya just luv that part (I don't blame her).
    Looks like Michaels (The art store) has some cake decor classes, not pricey! I might end up taking one of those. Coz some day, i would luv to bake her b'day cake. Lets see........

  3. lemon and choc.. hmm.. never thot of this before.. hey! u bake well!


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