Mar 15, 2009

Family Time!

Its almost the end of winter and beginning of spring. We have a couple of beautiful walking trails near our house and today being one of the warmer winter days, my family decided that we could go out for a nice long walk.

My daughter was so excited to go out on this adventure. She packed a plastic bag on to her Barbie bike to collect all the treasures. She had her list ready before she would leave the house. She wanted to collect leaves, twigs, flowers, rocks, worms, maybe butterflies and everything else a 4 yr old can think of pronouncing...

We started to walk and I told her that once we reach the start of the trail, she can start looking for interesting things to collect. And to save myself, I told her that she needs to cycle atleast a few mins in between collecting her things.

We had a blast - it was a good fun family exercise. I got my workout - I had to jog to keep up with her cycling. My husband was behind her running..what a workout!

But we did end up collecting a lot of beautiful flowers. I told her that she could have only one flower in each type so that she leaves enough flowers for the bees to pollenate..!! yeah - 4yr olds are sold on realistic stories like these. And having watched the Bee Movie a few times, she understands the importance of the bees pollenating!

This little red flower was her favorite. Her reaction on seeing this flower was like someone winning the jackpot.
As soon as we came home, she pulled out her Dora Shoe Box and put all her treasures in them. She now wants to take this to school tomorrow to show her teachers and friends.
After sometime, she gave us the most wonderful thank you and told us that this was the best treasure hunt adventure she ever went on and gave us a great big hug for it.
Simple Pleasures. We stopped and smelled the roses today. What about you?


  1. So sweet of your little one to have collected such stuff! I wonder how kids get carried away into a fantasy land so easily!!

  2. what a day vidya! I wish I was there with you too ,atleast with Anika to pick up that beautiful flower which is my daughters all time favourate too! I and Jyotika was picking that exact flower from New Port beach fashion island while Anika was enjoying .....
    keep it up! jog on a moderate temp...........hhhhhhhhhhhhha!

  3. Hi Anu
    The adais look so yum.
    I'm sure the camera smells and tastes yum too ;)

  4. Good job Anika......Good workout session eh! :-)


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