Mar 4, 2009

Monthly Menu - March!

Here we go again - I'm actually a few days late this month in putting up my menu. But nevertheless, got it done! Here it is -


  1. Oh! So you prepare a menu chart for every week and stick to it? I too draft a monthly chart covering all three meals of the day but the problem is I hardly stick to it! Thanks for displaying your chart. I feel thinking on what to cook is more time consuming than the act of cooking itself. Now I have loads of ideas!

  2. Exactly - that's the point - I hate when I ask Nandu what to cook and he tell me whatever. i go crazy - this helps me stay organized and planned and I feel that I'm not going insane daily.

  3. good idea, mrigs! I've been trying to hard to make a weekly menu plan and 'that' is nerve wrecking... kudos to you for making a monthly plan and sticking to it.


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