Mar 31, 2009

Kuzhi Paniyaram - Easy and Tasty

This is a very easy dish to prepare and really yummy to eat!

But the way I made this makes me want to name this - Comedy of errors!

A lot of things I did to make this was wrong. I did not have the proper batter to make this as required. I forgot to soak and grind a specific Kuzhi Paniyaram batter!

But I did have Dosa batter and a Kuzhi paniyaram pan! I googled to see if I could use Dosa batter for this - someone out there had mentioned that her mom used to add rice flour to dosa batter and deep fry that and make similar paniyarams.

So, I thought I'll try that - and instead of frying, I would just use my pan. So, I went into my pantry and picked my rice flour dabba..I added about 1 cup to about 2-3 cups of dosa batter. And after I mixed the batter, I noticed that I had picked the wrong dabba!! It was maida instead of Rice flour! There you go..messed up again.

But anyways, I cut some onions, green chillies, curry leaves into small pieces. I was going to saute them before I add it to the batter. Right at that moment, I got a phone call and started talking ...once I hung up, my daughter wanted me to give her oranges that minute..!! I did all that and then turned to my batter. I added the cut onions and green chillies right into the batter. Oops..i forgot to saute them before I added it to the batter. Oh Crap! what else can go wrong..

Anyways..I heated up my paniyaram pan and added the batter to it. Then, when the bottom was nicely cooked, I turned them in the pan using a pair of skewers I had. They looked good when I did that. I just hoped they tasted good.

When all my paniyarams were done, I took them out of the pan. I waited a minute for it to cool down and then tasted one - was yummy!!!!!!! Yay!! All's well that ends well!

And I had planned to do peanut chutney as a side dish for this..I called my friend Kamakshi for the recipe as she makes it often. She gave me a quick recipe and that turned out well too. Thank You Kamkshi!!

So if you have a lot of dosa batter and want a new recipe to use that - this is pretty good. You could add rice flour or maida or a mix of both to it and try this. Its easy, quick, not too much oil and hence relatively healthy. Now, you do need a special pan for this - but if you don't have one - maybe you can try it in a egg poacher pan - if you have one of those. I saw a similar pan once in a Danish store - I guess they make their own versions of these too!!


  1. Eh Anu,

    I make kulli paniyaram all the time, as that is Balaji's fav. Some tips for you........If you grind dhosa batter, you don't need to mix any flour to it at all. Just use the same batter, and saute your stuffs before adding to the mix.Also try to add More Mullagai instead of green chilies, and that tastes yummy too!

  2. Hey Anu! This item is my favourite too. Yours looks so alluring. I feel like packing my bags and stay with you for a week to enjoy such delicacies. As you must be knowing, eating without cooking is a pleasure and that too if the food is so innovative and tasty, then it is bliss.

  3. Latha - I would love for you to pack your bags and visit me - I promise I'll try and make anything you want. Come soon.

  4. happa, finally, something that looks same as what i make :D


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