Feb 3, 2011

Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Its that time of the year again. Its the big weekend here in the US. The sports event of the year, The Super bowl is coming up this Sunday.

Image courtesy of the NFL

And what's great about that super bowl? Well, the real sports fans watch it for the greatness of the two teams competing, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Everyone else like me watches it just for the great ads and the awesome food that just never ends! There is usually an estimated 110 million people watching the game. Ad cost for a 30 sec commercial go for anywhere between 2.5 - 3 million dollars! All electronic stores make their money selling big screen TV's this last week before the bowl. Its just a big hoopla and why not have some fun with it?

How many of you are attending or organizing Super Bowl parties this weekend with your friends or family? If you are hosting and need some ideas for the food - here are some. I'm still not sure what I'm doing - but will be glued on the TV so I don't miss the fun ads.

All these recipes here are different from the normal chip and dip super bowl food. All of these are finger foods that can be prepared easily and some can even be made a day in advance so you can get ready with other things for the party. Click on the highlighted names for a detailed recipe.

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips - Trust me, potato chips is as important as the game itself. And just to show how much you care, just dip them a little and serve this way. Way better than the 6 layer dip and corn chips!

Cocktail Bar Nuts - This is a must have. Amazing tasting mixed nuts - perfect pick me up from a big bowl!

Asparagus Rolls - Just to keep the girls busy.

Phyllo Tart with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese - Make a big batch of this and see it just disappear piece after piece!

Paneer Stuffed Veggie Cups - This does take a little effort. But, if you are going to a potluck party and have to just take one thing - this could be the winner! 

Chocolate Mint Bark -You have to give your folks something to keep biting on when the game is at a nail biting finish. Try this - takes all of 5 mins to prepare!

2 Ingredient 2 Step Awesome Dessert. There's got to be dessert to celebrate. Have these pre done ready and just pop it in the oven 10 mins before dessert. It will feel like you are the winner. 

Have a fun and safe Super Bowl Party! Hope your team wins!

Enjoy. Peace Out.http://www.loveandlentil.com/2010/08/sinfully-decadent-chocolate-dipped.html


  1. I would love to sit and enjoy these lovely snacks.

  2. Awesome, awesome and I can only say awesome after looking at all the gorgeous looking snacks.

  3. omg--- what a platter ! super ideas for the super bowl !! have fun !!!

  4. Beautiful array of delicious snacks, prefect food ideas..

  5. Choco mini bark is amazing and eye catching

  6. OH MY What a spread! - And where exactly do you live, so I can join you for the party :) All of above are a veritable feast for the eyes!

  7. Lovely snacks girl and way to go there....You are really in teh spirit arent ya? Love your chcolate chips wayy ymore than any of the others featured here!!! I love the combination of sweet and salty any day!!!


  8. wow, wonderful Anu

  9. I am like you Anu, I am in the party just for the ads and food. Love your ideas :)

  10. Wow! this is wonderful party, good idea to celebrate the parties. Thank you sharing this them.

  11. super ideas da..:) btw recipe links r not opening... it gives a 404 error message :)


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