Feb 22, 2011

New Name. New Look. Same Old Me.

Its here. The new site. Love and Lentil. 

And the new look too. This has been a long time coming and its finally here. 

I love the name "Mriganayani". I know some of you do too and thank you for that. But admit to myself and to you all, its a pretty hard name/word to pronounce. I've had to actually text or email it to people! I know 2 people who will be very happy with my name change - my mom and my sister. LOL! They are the line leaders of the 'cannot pronounce' queue!

So, I'm a little sad that my name and I are parting ways - but not so soon. You'll still see the name on the title for a while until I transition completely. 

You will now be able to comment easily and also share posts easily. I'm still working on adding some pages to the site with easy access to favorites. 

The one thing that many have requested me over the course of last 2 years is for a Printable recipe. I'm working on that too - will try to bring it to you soon.

Do provide your feedback on the name and the new look. This is what you should be seeing. But, in older versions of IE, the fonts are just plain old blah. So, if you don't see the screen this way, do me a favor and please upgrade your browser. I'll owe you a can of Strawberry Jam if you do that for me! 

Also do let me know if you'd like to see any particular feature on the site. I just might do it soon.

And for all those super nice people who have subscribed already, please update the new URL.

Love you all lots! 


  1. The new name is absolutely brilliant! Now why didn't I think of that?! :D

    I also love the background image and the brown theme. Would love to see a navigation bar on top and if you can make it three column- that would be even better. I just have a personal bias towards 3 column templates so that's a personal request.

    way to go Anu! hugs!!

  2. I see the new look and all perfectly...but i still want that can of anu-made strawberry jam, just as u promised :D
    Waiting to print recipies from ur blog \m/

  3. Love the new name..but I liked the name Mriganayani too,it had a mysterious element to it!!

  4. aww.. Bad browser, ur webpage looks exactly the same as what mentioned in the post.. This means no yummy strawberry jam!! :(

    Kidding... The new look is perfect, simple yet stylish and well-structured as well.. And I also agree with Nags comment.

  5. Lovely name and bful look...but i think of Anu mind pops Mriganayani...wel yes its hard to pronounce like u said...completely agree with nags...hope 2 c yummy n delicious posts from u soon ..congrats on the new site...keep going girl...

  6. Love the new look....lovd the dash of colur on mriganayani too....you remember I was one of the first few pople to comment on it!!! Personally I love your header as it throws in one picture, all that you want to put across. Would love some more colour...Also suggesting to have broad categories?(Rice Varieties/ Cakes/ Sweets/ Curries/ Bfast/ Snacks etc. It does help. and to have one droolworthy pic for each of them as a pic icon....Like RedChillies has. It instantly helps in connecting. And were is Zoom and Angle? Yeeah see I start ranting here!!! Shall keep sending more ideas!!! Love ya loads!


  7. Fantastic !!!! Love the color theme, header , well structured layout everything is perfect Anu.. love the title its just awesome. Really enjoyed browsing thru ur new layout and nice to read the face behind.. well done on the transition. Hope to see wonderful and delicious treats as always...You rock !!!

  8. Love it! Love it!Love it!
    Can't wait for the yummy posts!Missing you.


  9. Everything's wonderful, and though I've never known how to pronounce your name, I've always loved the look of it.

  10. It was nearly a disaster yesterday after I'd stumbled across your old website, bought the ingredients for the cabbage rolls and then your website had disappeared before I could make them. Lucky Google cache saved the day and I enjoyed an awesome meal. Can't wait to try out more of your receipes now that I've found your new site.

  11. Hey Anu, Not sure where my comment went :(( I love the new look, the tabs are brilliant, My favorite is "My cooking Apps" tab !!

  12. The new look is stylish,simple yet wonderful

  13. Love that Hearty Bean! The site looks very sober and elegant. Best wishes.

  14. the new look totally rocks and while i loved the old name (still do) the new one makes more sense ! Keep rocking !!

  15. Anu...way to go! I absolutely LOVE it. And the new name and avatar are such stunners! LOVE your new e-nest, and the shiny new pages.

    What would I like to see apart from the amazing stuff you already have on here? A Recipe Index if you please. That would be the plump, bright-red, glistening cherry on the cake!

    Hugs :) xoxoxoxoxo

  16. Hmmmm.... so I kept hitting Mriganayani.com like crazy trying to figure out what happened to your website all this while (I should have tried atleast 100 times). Maybe you should add a redirect to your new website from there..... It took some google searches for your other blogs to find you.... in the meantime, I let my imagination run wild!!!
    Anyway, all looks good :-) Lookinf forward to innvoative recipes as always!

  17. @ Vijaya - Awww..so sorry. Are you connected on FB? I updated it there. I thought Blogger would redirect but apparently it does not work that way. I'm bummed myself too. Hope everyone following can find their way back. Thanks for trying and not giving up on me! Glad to have you back here!

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

    @ Shobha & Mads - yes, working on the recipe index. Hopefully soon.

  18. @Anu - Your website is too good for me to give up on you :-) It would have saved me some heartburn if the redirect would have worked, though. I should confess that I missed your website in the meantime :-)

  19. Hi..love your site I have been looking for it for some time..The new site looks really nice...
    thanks for your blogs and great pictures !


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