May 2, 2010

The Best Cocktail Bar Nuts!

This is the famous NY Union Square Cafe recipe for bar nuts. I've seen a lot of chefs go gaga over this recipe on Food Network. This recipe has also won the 'Best Bar Nuts in NY City' award. And so I thought, I have to make this and decide for myself if its really worth going gaga over.

And yes, it absolutely is.

Here's the recipe for the nuts from the food network site - The Union Square Cafe's Bar Nuts

The original recipe calls for Unsalted nuts and then to add Kosher salt. But, I had salted nuts and just used that and skipped adding the Kosher salt later.

For the nuts, you will need mixed nuts - you can add Cashews, Walnuts, Peanuts, Brazil nuts, Almonds, Pecans, Macadamia nuts etc.

Pre heat the over to 350F. Place the mixed nuts, about 2 1/4 cups, on a baking sheet and bake for about 8-10 minutes until they are a little golden and the oils start coming out. If you are using raw nuts, make sure they get toasted good. Mine were toasted and salted, so I cut down on the baking time a little.

You will need fresh rosemary for this recipe. This is what gives a ton of flavor to the nuts.

Here's my fresh rosemary - washed and chopped roughly. Move the chopped rosemary to a mixing bowl. You will need to add about 2 tbsps of fresh rosemary.

Add 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper. You could also use regular red chilli powder or kashmiri red chilli.

Add 2 tsp of brown sugar. The recipe calls for dark brown sugar. But, mine was lite brown and I thought it still tasted awesome.

Chop about 1 tbsp butter into small pieces and add to the bowl. Now, you're ready to mix the nuts.

Can you see the nuts are almost done here. They all have a shiny coat of the natural oils.

Now, add the warm nuts to the mixing bowl that has the butter and the other ingredients. The heat from the nuts melt all the butter. Let this sit for a min before mixing up the ingredients. That will ensure that all of the butter is melted.

Just toss around for a few times until all the ingredients are incorporated well.

You're done. Move to a serving bowl and serve at once while the nuts are still warm.

And yes, just like everyone who has talked about or wrote about these nuts, you CANNOT stop at one or two. These are delicious. I can't say much - you just have to try it out for yourself. Go ahead and Go Nuts!

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. They look lovely dear !!! yummy and crunchy !!!

  2. Love this spicy nuts, will make a perfect tea time snack as the aroma of rosemary.

  3. i am so in love with your oven as much as i am with your cooking. mine's kinda lame and can't make good bread :( wanting to upgrade soon!!

    ps: also love those measuring spoons!

  4. Oh lovely snack.. i love the recipe of this spicy nuts.. I always love the aroma of rosemary.. This is going to my anu's to do list recipe folder.

  5. Very nice version of masala nuts.Enjoyed ur write-up too.

  6. yummy snack!!!
    Looks very tempting :-)

  7. extremely delicious!! no one can just one eh??:-))

  8. WOww irresistible cocktail nuts..looks yumm!

  9. I am going to have to try these! Sounds awesome :)

  10. Wow! They seem to be crunchy and tasty. Great job!

  11. Yummy!!!! Loved the addition of rosemary to the nuts:)

  12. These nuts look so delish.. have you ever had the TJ's lime and chile nuts... it's like the thai version of this with lime leafs, lemon grass and spicy chillies.. I love it so I'm guessing I will love this one too. I will try making it.. but can I replcae the butter with olive oil? does it work?

  13. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!

    @ Arc - wow, you are fast girl - I just published my pav buns recipe and saw your comment on there already! Try the nuts with olive oil, I'm not sure if it will be as rich as the butter version. Better it, try it with the other kind butter like smart balance or I can't believe ones. That will surely cut down on the calories and still taste good.


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