Aug 14, 2009

Three Striped Popsicles

My daughter's favorite ice cream - Popsicles. She just loves them

Tomorrow, I'm hosting a play date for my daughter with 7 of her school friends. That means eight 5 yr old girls at my house from morning till noon. Even attending job interviews are less nerve-wrecking! I have to make treats for the little girls and activities to keep them busy.

One of the things I had planned to do was these popsicles. Instead of just buying them from the store, I wanted a slightly healthier version - just make them with fresh fruits.

The easiest way to make popsicles is to just freeze the juice that comes in boxes. Easy. Pour. Freeze.

But, this time I wanted to just make it with fresh fruit. And thought I could make with three diff kinds of fruits.

So, I picked strawberries, mangoes and watermelon. It would be better if all the three were different colors - looks even more prettier - but with my daughter watching my every move - I cannot risk to put in anything else other than what she orders me to.

Add a whole bunch of strawberries into the blender. Add about 1/2 cup of sugar. I'm using a cup that has 50ml mark on it - that's a medium scoop of sugar. You can even make it without sugar. But, these were a little tart and hence I added some sugar.

Give it a Whirrrrrrrrrr...

Now, pour the juice into Popsicle molds and freeze for about an hour until the juice is firm.
I had just six molds and that was a big Popsicle emergency. 8 kids. 6 molds. Wrong formula.

Thanks to my neighbor Katie - I borrowed a couple of star popsicle molds from her.

Now, chop up some mangoes and repeat the same process as above.

Add about a scoop of sugar. If the mangoes are really sweet, cut down on the sugar.

More Whirrrrrrrr...

Now, get ready with the watermelon juice too.

After the strawberry juice is frozen, get the molds out and pour in the mango in the center.

If you have time, re freeze the molds till the mango is firm too and then add the watermelon.
It was late at night and I was tired - and I knew mango juice was heavier than watermelon juice - so I just poured one on top of the other. In some places, they mixed up - but what the hell - the kids won't even notice - they are going to be so busy just excited!

There - that's three juices on top of each other.

Cover the molds are freeze.

There - I don't need to explain this step - the tongue just says it all..

Peace Out!

I'm sending this as an entry to the Cooking for Kids even hosted by Divya of Dil Se. Thanks Divya for hosting.


  1. Popsicles look gorgeous. You made it like pro! I am conducting a cooking for kids event in my blog. you can send this if you like.

  2. Yum, they are gorgeous! The colors would arouse interest in kids for sure :)


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