Aug 17, 2009

Mother Nature's Best

Mother Nature's best - fresh fruit Skewers. Ripe. Sweet. Satisfying.

There is of course no recipe for this. But, this is a just a really simple and fun way of serving fruits. Especially for kids. I made this also as a part of lunch for the play date my daughter had with her 7 friends. Just serving the fruits on a skewer made it all colorful and appealing to the kids. And they loved it and ate it all up. I had to warn them to not poke the sticks up their throats though and to remove the fruit with their hands and then pop it in their mouths. And also not to poke others with their sticks! And not to have fights on the table with the sticks as swords. And not to..oh well...maybe next time I'll just put them in a bowl! No - actually it was fun!

You could also do this for a regular party with both adults and kids - Everyone loves fruits! You can also make them into the shape of a bouquet. Use a small watermelon to hold them together at the bottom.

Just a tip - if you have just a bunch of adult friends for a party - try to spice up the fruits with some salt and red chilli powder or chat masala and serve the same way. Pick your fruits accordingly.

Just pick your favorite fresh ripe fruits. I used Pineapples, Watemelon, Mango, Strawberries and green Grapes.

Cut them into small squares or any other shapes and move them to skewers. Try to keep the same order of fruits so when all the skewers are done - they look nice - maybe its just the over obsessed Virgo in me doing this!

Enjoy and Peace out!


  1. That looks so colorful and inviting...would be great for parties ! First time here you have a lovely space :-)

  2. Looks very too will enjoy having them :)

  3. What an interesting way to serve fruits! looks so colorful and appetizing :)

  4. Oh how fun...but I can imagine you running around each kid trying to say don't do this with the stick and that with it!!!...more than you they might have got fed up...cos thats what I do with mine..hahahah...I think they get bored with the cautions we elders tell them right...but sure is a lovely way to get the kids eat fruits...

  5. Lovely and wat a fantastic way to serve fruits, kids will definitely love this!

  6. Fantastic and colourful fruit arrangwement .

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Srivalli - I actually did not bother to give the kids any rules - I let them do what they want - as long as no one was hurt! I do all my rules with my daughter and she keeps whining that its not fair!

  8. Thanks for your comments on One Page cookbooks ! Skewering fruits is such a cool idea. I wish I'd thought of that ! Thanks for jolting my brain out of skewering = barbecue rut !


  9. mmmmmmmmmm thats looking so good and colorful.. Love fruits so much can i have a skewer


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