Aug 15, 2009

Kids Butterfly Sandwiches

Today was my daughters' play date with her friends. 8 super excited kids. They had a ball.

I wanted to make like a simple and easy finger food kind of sandwiches. We were also having pizza for the kids.

I had planned to make star shaped sandwiches with my cookie cutter. But, I was at Target last week and they had these cute butterfly sandwich cutters for a dollar! Can you believe it - Sometimes God just wants me to shop at Target to make my life easier! Thank You God. Thank you Target. Perfect. I picked those up and decided that it would not be stars but butterflies. Besides, little girls just adore butterflies!

To make this quick sandwich, just get plain white bread. Apply a little bit of mayo on all the slices. Keep a cheese single on top of one of the bread and cover it with the other.

Use you cutter and cut them.

Perfect. Cute butterflies.
Assembly line.
Well..they look so plain. I wanted to spruce it up a bit. So, decided to make little eyes and antennas.

I had some corn - perfect for eyes. You can also use peas for green eyes. I chopped a tomato lengthwise and used them for the antennas and also a nice red smile.

There's my first butterfly.

Aren't these cute?

Beautiful Assembly line!

The kids loved these. It was more fun than food - so they just ate it fast!

Peace out!

I'm sending this as an entry to Cooking with Kids hosted by Divya of Dil Se


  1. I bet all your daughter's friends thought you had magic in your love this kind of stuff. very nice!

    the spice who loved me

  2. Sure kids would have liked this. Looks yummy.

  3. so cute and wow kids will surely like it..

  4. Wow!! That's relaly beautiful!!

  5. Very cute and beautiful one...

  6. Thanks so much for a very pretty contribution!!


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