Jul 24, 2009

Home made Ghee

Well...I can't think of a story to add for this post.

So, I'm just getting to the point..If you love ghee...just make it at home. Its easy to make and atleast in the US, its also cheaper to make it at home! And somehow always taste better than store bought.

I use Costco's unsalted butter.

Chop up a 1-lb pack butter into big pieces.

Move the butter to a pan and the switch on the gas at medium.

When all the butter melts, keep stirring it every few mins.

First, you will see just a white froth on top. As it cooks, the white turns all bubbly.

It goes from bubbly to all white again and then to a clear liquid. At this point, you can switch off the stove and let it cook in the heat of the pan.
Now, usually the store bought ghee is in this consistency and color. I guess people in north india eat ghee in this consistency. However, in south india - atleast in tamilnadu..ghee is a little more darker.

To obtain south indian "ney", keep going. You will see more bubbles and then a clearer liquid. When the bottom begins to get a hint of darkness, switch off the stove and keep stirring.

This will give you a clearer and darker ghee or ney.

Enjoy it on top of everything you like!

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