Jul 10, 2009

Badam Kheer

This is a dish that's a favorite for many many people. Its pretty simple and easy to prepare but definetly tastes rich and royal!

To begin with, take about 1-2 cups of badam and soak in really hot (even boiling) water. After a few mins, peel the almonds - because of the hot water, this will become a very easy thing to do. You can have fun just popping them from their skins! Let the peeled almonds soak for an hour or two in water.

Drain all the water from almonds and move them to a mixie or a blender. Add milk enough to cover the almonds. Blend it into a fine paste - you can save a few almonds to add at the end and blend it - this will give you a few pieces to bite in while enjoying your kheer!

Move the contents of the blender to a pan. Add a little more milk and mix well.

Bring the badam milk to a boil - do this in low heat so as not to burn the kheer. The slower it cooks, the more texture it gets. After about 5 mins, add about 2 cups of sugar to this. I don't measure so I'm not sure exactly how much sugar I add. But, you can taste it after a little while - if it needs sugar, add some. If it's too sweet, add some milk.

For diabetic people, don't add any sugar to this. While serving in your cup, add a splenda and mix well and eat. That tastes really good too. But add the sweetner just before you eat - this way you will not have a strong aftertaste with the sweetner.

Let the kheer boil for about 15 mins. When its almost done, add some saffron or saffron powder or saffron paste for both color and a really nice flavor.

I use Saffron spice drops. My best friend Priya always buys me these from Nilgiris at Coimbatore. I have'nt seen these anywhere else!! So, she always gets me these things! Thanks Priya! I absolutely love these - they are so easy to use. These are available in other flavors too - like garam masala drops, thandai drops, cumin drops etc...Saffron is my favorite though.

Cook for another 5 mins after adding the saffron.

Remove from the pan and cool down the Kheer. You are done!

I make thick kheer - the kind you eat with a spoon. You can add a lot of milk and make it thin and runny to drink like milk - that is good too.

Enjoy hot or cold! And then post your comment here!


  1. This is amazing. I liked the serviette Anu! It has a unique shape.

  2. oh my! that shud take a long time to cook no? this thick? i have tons of badam at home and need to make this. i also have fresh saffron, so hopefully that will work as well as the extract!


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