Jun 26, 2009

Sesame Seed Baingan

This is a recipe that my sister makes and I loved it everytime she made it for me.

Everytime I make it, I call her for the ingredients!

The ingredients in this are the same as in 'Baghara Baingan'. But, with the BB, its usually watery but this is more of a dry sabji type. Hence my simple name - Sesame Seed Baingan.

To start with, you will need small indian style baingan. This might not work well with the big eggplants.

Here are the ingredients you need for the masala - I'm cooking this dish for a potluck for like 20 people. You don't have to use this much quantity of each if you're just cooking for dinner at home.

Sesame Seeds
Red Chillies
Corainder seeds
A pinch of tamarind - use the pulp from this. Add this while grinding to a paste.

Use about a tsp of each and double the quantity for peanuts. You need to roast each of these ingredients separately and then grind them all together. That way each of these things gets the roast it deserves!

Cut the baingan into long pieces and soak in water so the color does not change.

Add about a tsp of oil to a pan and throw in the baingan. Add salt and tumeric powder. Fry till the baingans are 3/4 cooked. At this point, add the ground masala paste in here and turn down the flame to low. Add salt to taste since the masala did not have salt to begin with.

Stir a couple of times while cooking. If you don't mind the oil, add some now at this point.

Keep cooking in low till the masala smells done and does not have a raw smell.

As it cooks, the masala loses the moisture and gives a nice roasted texture. Switch off the stove. Stand back and look at it. You have created something. You have the power. Feel good. Now, just forget everything else and start eating this! You can serve this with rice or make a wrap with rotis or parathas. Enjoy it hot!


  1. I enjoy the delicious, palatable and stupendous recipes all the time.I can testify that these dishes taste really good and Anu can become the next Sanjeev Kapur. Anu should change her career path and become a chef and or start a restaurant. Love your food and Love you too - Sonika

  2. Dear Anu

    I gave up eating brinjals but the display of this unique dish makes me re-think over that decision. :)


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