Jun 27, 2009

Problem with posting comments

Hi All,

Some of you have had problems with posting comments. This is probably because you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.

Here's a trick I figured out.

After you type out your comment, you will need to select a profile. You can choose the name/url option and type your name in there. You don't have to type a url. You can leave that empty. Now, click on Post comment. You might get a small red error message that says - Cannot post comment. At this point, just click on the post comment button one more time. It will load it the second time. This also is a bug with IE and Blogger functionality.

Sorry for the trouble but I wish and hope these two companies get their acts together!

If you want to just simply your complete internet browsing experience, please download for free either Firefox or Google chrome.

Enjoy your day!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I followed your steps. I am able to post comments now. :)


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