Jun 30, 2009

Gatte Ki Sabzi

This is a rajasthani dish that I was introduced to in college. My friend Shantha who is rajasthani (actually I think she is Jain...) used to get this for lunch and I would devour it all. But I never knew what it was called or what it was made of. Many years later, I kept asking her for the name of that dish she would get and she would not remember what it was.

So, I googled and found out pictures of gatte ki sabzi....ahhhh..this is what that was called!

From then on, I make this quite often. Its one of my favorite curries. It basically is besan dumplings in dahi. Kind of like a kadhi.

So, here's how it goes -

To start with, take about 2 cups of besan.

Add salt, red chilli powder, tumeric and hing to this. You can also add seasonings like fennel seeds and jeera if you like. But, I did not.

Add few drops of water to this and make a thick ball out of it.

Coat a little bit of oil or ghee on your hands and take a small portion of the ball. Shape it with your hands into a long thin rope. Like this below.

Now, cut this into small pieces.

Boil a pan of water and when the water's nice and boiling, add a drop of oil to it. Then, add the gattes to the boiling water. Let it cook for about 8-10 mins till the pieces float to the top.

In other pan, add a tbsp of oil, and when that's hot, add a tsp of mustard seeds. After they splutter, add some curry leaves. Now, add some jeera dhania powder and fry for a min. Add about 2 cups of beaten curds/yogurt to this. Add salt and tumeric to the yogurt. I think authentically, you should be adding besan to the yogurt too and then cook it - but for me personally there is enough besan. I kind of like it thin.

When the dahi has cooked for a few mins, add the boiled gattes to this and let it cook in slow flame for a little while.

Serve hot with chappathis or parathas. You can even eat this with rice like kadhi. I made some masala rotis (just plain atta with tumeric, red chilli powder and salt) and this tasted great with that.

This is also a good recipe for diabetics as both besan and dahi have a lot of protein and that helps balance the sugar levels.

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  1. Gatte ki Sabji is one of my favourite curries...it's totally lip smacking.. I too have learnt it from a Rajastani friend..great to read your recipe.


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