Jun 12, 2009

My tomato plant

When spring arrived, we wanted to plant some fruit trees in our not-so-big back yard. Got an orange and a lemon tree and planted them in our back yard.

We do have a huge tool shed sitting there in the middle of the yard. Evin though I hate this thing, it has proved to be useful many times and so I let it sit there. There is this small strip of soil adjacent to the tool shed that was kind of empty. One day, a couple of my tomatoes were over riped and kind of squishy. I could not use them for cooking so I cut them out and buried it with the seeds in here. A few weeks later, here is my tomato plant! I'm so excited. Got a cage to go around it. Hopefully, my plant will give me some tomatoes.

Here are some pics of my orange and lemon trees. The lemon tree has some cute tiny lemons in there already! And my orange tree has one tiny little fruit in there!
We do have a fully grown persimmon tree and a fully grown Guava tree. The persimmons are in season around nov and dec but the tree already has the green fruits now. They stay like this for months and then ripe around peak season when they turn big and orange!


  1. Beautiful!! Azhaga garden vachirukeenga!

  2. And u remember, how we still used to complain about RMH food..

  3. Oh yeah Swetha - remember those bad upmas...yuck..but there were some real good items. loved the puri and thakkali vengayam on sunday morning and masala dosai on sat morn - that was the only reason we would wake up soon to go stand in line. hahah! Shammi always stole my panneer! I also used to love the bhel puri's and samosas for evening snacks! rombha too much - thinnu thinnu kettu ponom!

  4. Anu! I admire your patience over recording every step of your plant's growth!!


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