Apr 22, 2009

Anika making Chappathi

I was going to make Aloo Paratha today. My daughter decided that she has had enough of all her toys and games and books - so she decided to help me. She gave me no other choice.

She is actually a good helper - passes me the onions, potatoes etc when I need it - she is like my little assistant. Or like my atthai says - payyalu.

So here she started out making the atta for the aloo paratha.

Once the atta was done, she and I both started rolling out the parathas. This was her favorite part. She did pretty good considering her experience - which is nothing. But, of course midway she started her discourse and ultimately told me that tomorrow she will teach me how to make pizza!! Yeah Right!

So here she is making the rotis.

And then she also showed me how to actually flatten the atta before rolling it out!


  1. Very cute... entertainment 24X7 I guess.

  2. Dear Anu

    Anika is so sweet! She is assisting you in your kitchen chores is it! How sweet! I bet you must be having a great time raising her.

  3. Hahaha, awesome videos! I love it... you should really do more of these, so entertaining, and she is adorable!


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