Apr 15, 2009

Carrot Pineapple Salad with a twist

Here's a simple salad with an unique twist.

Shred carrots. Cut fresh pineapple into small pieces.

Mix them both in a bowl.

Add tadka of mustard seeds. Add salt to taste.

And now for the twist - add some idli molaga podi - gun powder as my friends call it!! Carrots and Pineapple both are high in sugars and hence taste sweet. A little idli molaga podi counter attacks the sweetness and give it a little kick with the chilli! You will have a salad that is not too sweet - but with a nice flavor.

If you like lemon, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top of the salad. I don't like a lemony taste and did not do it - but if you like it - go ahead.

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  1. That's something I'd like to put in a wrap....looks good!


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