Apr 15, 2009

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup

Roasted Bell Pepper Soup with Pesto Tortellini Pasta!

I love the roasted red bell pepper soup that I buy from Trader Joes. Its like a staple at our house. This time I wanted to try to make it from scratch. Yeah right - next time I'm sticking to just picking it up from Trader Joes!

Well..it was not bad. It was good - but a little cumbersome. Its got like a couple of hours of effort compared to a couple of minutes of heating up soup from a carton. But, hey this is homemade.

Pick a couple of red bell peppers and coat them with oil. Put them in the oven for about 30 - 40 mins until they are completely done. They should look all dead - I mean - all cooked!

Peel the outer cover and deseed the peppers.

Add some onions, tomatoes and chopped up carrot to a pan and saute them well. I added a couple of green chillies too - but that made the soup really spicy - I would skip that the next time. Add the roasted peppers to this mixture - add some veggie broth or water and let it all cook. I did pressure cook it for a couple of whistles.

When the mixture is cooled down - blend it smooth in a blender.

Serve hot with your favorite garnish - I added some mozzarella cheese pieces on top for my daughter. I sprinkle some dried basil and oregano on top of mine.

I served this with a bowl of my favorite pasta - Trader joe's cheese tortellini with home made pesto sauce and veggies.

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