Apr 3, 2009

Original Chaatwala!

This time when I had gone to India, I had visited Bombay. My inlaws and my paati and my chittappas live there.

I had landed there on the 30th of Dec. My chitappa here in this pic was having a new year's eve party and invited me to attend. It was a great party - not that I knew anybody other than my relatives. But the food was great as usual! And my daughter had lots of fun dancing to all tapori gana!

My chitappa picked me up and then on the way home, we stopped at this best vada-pav place and we each got a nice piping hot vada pav. It was a small vendor on the street but there were about 15 people surrounding his shop eating vada-pavs! I missed my husband at that moment because I knew vada-pav's were his favorite of all bombaiwala chaats!

We came home and we all got ready for the party. And then, the food arrived! I mean - arrived! it was a asli chaatwala dabba cart- two guys - one big cart - lots of food in there.

These two guys prepared authentic bhel puri, sev puri, aloo tikkis, pani puri, ragda patties ( is it 'patties' or 'patice'? I would think logically that it is 'patties' but I swear I have read it a 'pattice' in most of the eateries in India) and so many more things!
Somehow eating at good chaat restaurants in the US still does not have the same taste as this chaat that these guys make right in front of us. I wish we had these in all street corners in the US - if that ever happened, they would even have drive thru's for that!!

Asli chaat - Asli formula - Asli swaad!! Or like my husband says - "Woh hi asli khana hai jo public khaata hai!"

Thanks Chitappa for a wonderful chaat party!

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  1. Wow! Mouth watering Anu! I too feel like tasting those lovely chaat varieties in the streets of Bombay! Wish I too had a Chithappa like yours :)


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