Sep 27, 2010

What a day for Chocoholics!

It was a friday to remember indeed. And for chocolate lovers like me, it was like Oscar Night - Glamour, Glitz, Sensationalism etc. And no - I'm not talking about the people attending, though everyone looked really great! I'm talking about all the dressed up fancy chocolate we had!

It was my neighbor Renee's 6th Annual Chocolate Potluck party! Tell me about it - how glad am I to be living in this neighborhood! This was actually my first year of attending her party. And from now on, I'm going to block her party date every year - no traveling, no meeting anyone else. All I want to be is here.

Here's what the party is all about - everyone who shows up brings something that is 'Chocolatey'. Good enough for me. But, wait it gets better - no husbands, no kids - just women and their chocolate! Hallelujah!

So, I took my 'Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips' and also baked a Chocolate Shortbread and was on my way. My friend Deepi joined me too -she is a big chocolate fan like me and I invited her along and we were like two little toddlers let loose on candyland!

Don't you all want to see just how much fun we all had! Here are the sugar high pics..enjoy!

Starting off with some chocolate fudge -

These were little chocolate bars with a layer of luscious caramel oozing out from the middle...

Some chocolate dipped chocolate biscuits.

These were little chocolate, marshmallows, caramel and pecan bars - Don't know what its called -but do know it tastes great!

This was a chocolate pie - really great soft chocolate inside. Someone had picked this up from Marie Callender's. I'm going there next time to get this.

This was my own Chocolate chip shortbread- buttery and crisp.

These were little chocolate brownies - covered in a smooth shining ganache and  topped off with a piece of pecan!

This I think, was a Mississippi Mud Pie. And it tasted great - I still have a small piece left with me and I'm savoring it to the end!

 More awesome chocolate fudge!

 Some fresh chocolate dippes strawberries from Godiva!

Chocolatey cupcakes

Here are my Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips - and this time I drizzled some white chocolate on top too. 

 These did help a lot in between all the sweet stuff! Some crackers and cheese.

And some apples and dip!

And a veggies dip tray! I had so many of these carrots...

Of course, you need something to drink it all down with - and what better than Chocolate wine!

How thoughtful of the host to have some cold milk with all the chocolate - of course a few sips of milk with a few sips of wine!

And someone also got Hot Chocolate mix!

These brownies were great - and just in case you need an extra sprinkle of sweetness - there's some powdered sugar!

 This was the bomb - a super chocolate mousse cake! Cream and delicious!

 Another super tasting chocolate cake!

 More cake!

Delicious Chocolate Bundt cake.

Chocolate, Nuts, caramel bars!

More pretty choco-nut brownies!

 Here's the spread. Just one side of it though - there were more on the other counters!

Its been three days but I'm still kind of giddy with all this! But now, I'm looking forward for the next one!

Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. Am so jealous!! Wish I lived closeby :)

  2. Anu, next time you have such party, just give me a call please as I so envy you right now for being there and that I was not.

  3. lovely lovely lovely party ... wish i was there too... : )


  4. Oh man, i really wished you lived next door here..Such a lovely spread of chocolates....

  5. Kids kku kooda kudukkalaiyaa? Paavam adhuga. Nice party.

  6. aaaha anu chance illa..super party. Naan kandippa unga veetu paakathula irunthurukalamnu nenaikeren anu. Unga uru friendukitta sollanum...

  7. By the way everything is gorgeous and omg i am so much tempted before going to bed, at least i need to grab a chocolate from the fridge to stop my mouth watering.

  8. Wow... That is chocolate heaven or more like, my version of heaven :)

    Got to know about your blog through a friend, love it here. Will come back for more.

  9. Wowww wat a delicious spread, simply tempting and absolutely divine..

  10. Now i need something chocolatey!!! to satisy my cravings!!!!! :(

  11. yum yum yummmmmmmmmy!I am drooling and dreaming that I am in the midst of all these chocolatee items.I really wish it was true that I am digging into all the varieties and having a blast.

  12. Great neighborhood to hang out in. Nice!

  13. Oh my god, Anu! You are really a devil.. I'll drive up all the way from San Diego to OC to come for this party next time.. please invite me too!

  14. Oh my god... I think I just OD'ed on chocolate! But please don't revive.. I am in heaven right now (imagining myself at the party).

  15. wow seriously u have chocolate parties? god is so unfair. I'm in Chicago when all the best things in life are in California. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah awesome pics. love it. Smita

  16. Hey Anu,
    The spread looks so yummy and eye catching. I would have simply been dazed by so much chocolate at one time...The heart can only take so much,...!!! Its a wonder you ate and survivived!!! And secondly, I can never eat that much chocolate...I need a little and then i get saturated...Good for choco-lovers like ya!!!

  17. OMG! OMG! OMG! Somebody call an ambulance, quick! This is not Hallelujah. This is Hallelujah's great-great-great-great grandfather! Oh what a spread...this is indeed Satan's lair!

    Lady, did you really have to do this to all of us...evil you! Im know you're sitting and grinning sheepishly as you read this...bah! Next year this Renee woman gives you the date for the party, give me a heads up and I'll def get my arse to Irvine, even if it means I'll be too broke to come back to Blore. Who cares about coming back when Im gonna have such a chocolicious death-by-chocolate in Irvine anyway ;)

  18. Chcolate potluck...oh my goodness. I'm speechless, it must have been delightful!

  19. OMG OMG OMG!! what is this? the devil's helper's party?? I want an invite too!!!


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