Sep 13, 2010

Homemade Pomegranate & Strawberry Jam

Yes, you read it right.

I made jam.

I have a smile on my face that's as big as the bottle of jam I made. It seems to be there forever - almost looks like botox work on my face. Not that I need it - still have decades to get there. Really.

This is one other post where the key ingredient made it from the backyard into my pots and pans and finally into the fridge. And this time around, its actually from my neighbor's backyard. From their pomegranate tree.

Here are two wonderful pictures of my neighbors pom tree and also my persimmon tree. Do you see all the fruit there - this is actually after they plucked out most of the ripe fruit and she was sweet enough to share a whole bucket of them with me. Also, on my side of the yard, my persimmons are beginning to turn orange - some more time..and I'll have to make something interesting with it - maybe pie!

Here's the gorgeous fruit - up close and personal.

Actually there were a lot more seeds - but they disappeared somewhere while I was peeling the fruit. Hmm...I wonder where..Burp..

Before we get to the jam making process, here's a quick look into getting your jars ready to be filled with jam. Now, I did not follow the entire canning process - because really I don't think I need this to last more than 6 months - it would be a surprise if we go into the second month with leftover jam.

But if you would like to prepare a whole big huge batch of jam to store for months together, go here to this site and read all about the canning process. I even got the base recipe for the pomegranate jam from this site but modified it a little bit to match the quantities I have. This site '' is a great source for making jams and jellies - thanks to Blake who manages the very informative site! Eventually, I'll learn the canning process - and of course, you'll know when I do.

I did clean and sterilize the jars that I bought - which btw, with all my enthu, I ended up buying a 12 jar pack from Target. So, I do have 10 left. Now I'll have to come up with more ideas to fill those later! I sterilized about 3 jars - but did not even get that much jam. I was able to fill a couple of jars to the top. And then had almost enough to fill a third jar - but all of a sudden, there were a few kids surrounding me and they all wanted fresh toast with fresh jam! So that quantity became even less - and I just put the remaining hot jam in a container and handed it over to my neighbor - so she could enjoy the jam from her fruits!

To sterilize the jars, just wash them clean with soap and water and then rinse them in boiling water for about 3-4 mins each. You don't need fancy equipment to do this - our traditional Indian 'pakad' works great! Just take them out carefully, empty all the water and place upside down on a paper towel so that all the water drips out and the jar is clean.

Also sterilize the lids and screw tops similarly.

There, these are now ready to be filled.

So, let's get to the real stuff!

Just throw in all the pomegranate seeds into a blender- do not add any water. Just blend them well to a juice.

In order to strain the juice, place a colander over the pan you will be using to make the jam. And place a muslin cloth on top of the colander. Once again, no fancy equipment needed.

Now pour the juice in here and strain it well. Since this is a thick juice, you might have to lift up the muslin cloth and give it a couple of squeezes to strain out all the juice.

Now, I needed about 4 cups of juice. But, could get only about 2 1/2 cups from the fresh pomegranates. Hence, here's what I used with it - Strawberries!! Fresh from my farmers' market!

Same procedure - wash, cut, remove the green stem, and then add to a blender and make a juice out of the fresh fruit.

I just realized that this looks like there a lot of juice in here - actually there's only about 1 1/2 cup in here- the picture is taken while the blender is in action - hence you see the juice all the way up - its actually whirring inside there. Next time, I'll remember to take picture after the action is done!

Pour that too along with the pomegranate juice.

Mix gently with a spatula - this will also strain more juice to the pan below. Squeeze out all the remaining juice with the muslin cloth - it's ok if its a little thick.

There - all done! Love the color here..

Measure out the sugar amount exactly. How would you know how much sugar? Next step please..

Here - this is the magic ingredient. Pectin. This is what turns the fruit into jam. These are little inexpensive packs - about 2 bucks at Target. At the back of the box, there will be the exact measurements required for both the juice and the sugar. So, check there.

So, for this quantity of 4 cups juice, I needed 4 cups of sugar and 1 box of pectin. This is the amount mentioned for cooked jam - it does vary depending on the pectin too. So, do check for sure.

Now, take about a couple of tbsps of sugar and mix it dry with the pectin powder. You'll need to use the whole pack of pectin powder.

Now, mix the sugar-pectin dry powder to the juice in the pan and stir well so that no lumps are formed. Remember there is no heat yet - do this before you switch on the stove.

Once that's mixed well, switch on the stove and start boiling this juice. And I mean, boiling.

Like this. A complete rolling boil. Big boil. Huge Boil. whatever you want to call it boil.

Let it rise as high it can get boiling.

And then add the rest of the sugar. I know its way too much sugar. But, we talking jam here. Not salads. So, sulk but still do it. Remember, you'll eat one spoon at a time - so sulk less and still do it.

Enjoy the instant change of color - from gorgeous to super gorgeous. Oh..I want to dance!!

Let this come to just one boil. If you're too picky and want a super clear jam, you can skim the bubbles off the top. Not me. I just left them there. It was still very'll see. Switch off the stove now.

And pour immediately into the clean jars while its still liquidy - which won't be for long. If not, you'll regret having to break it. In just about 4-5 mins, you'll see that its begins to thicken up and turn into jam.

How do I know? Because I'm shameless. I scraped off the little bit sticking to the sides with my own piece of toast. You know..just to test.

And can you along with me, see how this is jelling up pretty? And no, I did not add the next picture where my pan is spanking clean even before it hits the sink! I know you'll judge me then!

Quick, close your eyes and scroll down slowly...

My friends, I present to you....

More taste testing going on all around the house and the streets!

You know I'm obssesed by now....

Want a bite?

Here are my two jars of delicious home made Pomegranate and Strawberry Jam...hopefully will last me a couple of days...jus kidding!

Of course, I have to show off...

Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Wow Anu, those jars are simply mouth watering. I am drooling all over them. I will have to wait for my pomegranate tree (which I planted only 3 months ago), to grow that big (about 2-3 years) and then try it out.... lol

  2. always love homemade jams...lovely gorgeous color mrig...i do add lemon juice to my jam...

  3. Looks awesome and perfect. India varache rendu bottle enakku eduthundu vaa.

  4. Girl those are not that big bottles of Jam, are you sure it will last for two days? ;)

    It look yummylicious! :)

  5. Ooh!! Home made jam is something I have been wanting to try out since quite some time!! I do not really relish the store bought stuff in the same old flavors. Gorgeous jam here Anu!! How about shipping some to me;-), promise will be happy with a tiny bottle and not ask for more:-))

  6. Woww fantastic jam,looks truly tempting and yummy..

  7. Simply u rock dear..wat an excellent writeup with beautiful clicks..! AWESOME...HATS OFF ...:))

  8. Awesome work dear! Very healthy jam.Detailed step vise pics.Thanks for sharing this.

  9. this is something which i ahve to still try,..:-) i can understand how u must be feeling,.

  10. Wonderful clicks of the jam preparation. I am sure it would have tasted yum-o!

  11. Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrp Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy home made jams.I am just drooling. I want to grab the jam and have a quick taste. they look so perfect tempting with step by step demo shown so accurately.Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Wow! The jam looks awesome and I love the beautiful and vibrant colour of this jam. Yumm!

  13. Amazing! is it not possible without pectin?

  14. More than the jam, i got struck by the flow of words. Wonderful read, Mrignayani!

    Of course the jam looks gorgeous, sigh can't have a bite of that toast :(

  15. Hi Anu,

    Looks awesome....and i love making on a roll now...gonna make apple jam!!!
    Its a nice idea to combine the pom and the strawberry...

  16. Holy Molly! You got me here. I loved this post...your humour is at its best, the recipe is great, the pictures are great, the colour of the jam is gorgeous, and Im sure it tasted like drops of pom and berry exploding in your mouth, with every bite.
    So tell me, did you finish that done up plate with all that bread and jam all by yourself? Oh no, Im not being judgemental here...I just want to know, so I can get more J and dream of poms and berries tonight!!
    This jam is definitely on my to-do list come strawberry season! And yes, I definitely want to know when you're done mastering the canning process. You will let me know, wont ya? :)

  17. amazing- Love it love it! You are very talented.

  18. The jam has become toooo sweet.Can u suggest some solution.I have some apples and few strawberry at home.please help.

  19. Anju - once the jam is set, I'm not sure if adding stuff to it would work. But you could try nevertheless - try with a very small batch. Apple puree would probably work good to balance the sweet. See if you can just blend it in without re cooking it - and try how it tastes - I'm not sure about the shelf life then. Sorry its becoming tough for you. Let me know how you fix it.

  20. Hi! this jam looks awesommmme!! v nice n easy speps shown.. bt u have not gvn the rt quantity of both the fruits? it 'd b easy for the new starters like me.. Thanx

  21. Hi! this jam looks awesommmme!! v nice n easy speps shown.. bt u have not gvn the rt quantity of both the fruits? it 'd b easy for the new starters like me.. Thanx

  22. Humaira - you'll need 4 cups of juice. So, you can use the fruits acccordingly. I used about 4 medium pomegranets and got only about 21/2 cups - so used strawberries for the rest 1 1/2 cup. You can adjust the fruit according to how much juice is needed and can always drink the remaining fresh juice as is. Enjoy!


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