Feb 8, 2010

Way better than Canned - Fresh Mushroom and Broccoli Soup

This is a great recipe for a quick lunch - it takes about 8-10 mins in total to prepare this dish! Is that easy or what? And this is so much better than opening a can of mushroom soup and gulping that down! Really people - get your knives and pans ready. Let's make a great tasting soup in 10 mins!

Start with some fresh white mushrooms.


Chop them up roughly. No one is looking. And you're going to cook them anyway. 


Chop up some onions into small pieces. Add a tsp of oil to a pan, fry the onions. I also added a couple of cloves of garlic here - but if you don't like it, skip it. Again, no one's watching!


Add the mushrooms to the sauteed onions and cook for about 3-4 mins. 


Chop up some brocolli roughly. 


Add to the mushrooms. Cook for a min or until done. These do get cooked easily.


Now, take about 1 cup of milk. Hot milk. Almost boiling milk. Can you see the steam above the cup? Almost that steamy.


Add 2 tbsp of butter ( if you are thin and beautiful and still cholesterol free) or if you are like me, add the can't believe stuff..( No - I don't have cholesterol, but don't want any more love handles anywhere in my body!)


Add 2 tbsps of flour and 1/2 tsp of salt to the hot milk and butter and blend it all together well till the sauce thickens. 

Now to the sauce, add the cooked mushrooms and broccoli. Not all of it. Save a couple of spoons of the veggies and add the rest. The reason is that you can add these veggies to the soup later and they provide such beautiful bites while having the soup. 


Just a sneak peek inside the blender! Blend together well till its a nice smooth soupy consistency.


Move the soup back to the pan. Heat up for a min. Don't heat a lot as the soup will then turn very thick and become like a sauce! Add the veggies you saved to the soup. Believe me, those little chunks provide an excellent bit while having the soup. I love the little chunks of mushroom and broccoli. So awesome!


Serve hot with crackers. Can  you guess what kind of crackers I have here - this is actually Kakra..yeah..kakras! I did not have the regular crackers and had these instead. And boy oh boy, they taste great with the soup!


Here's our "Way Better Than Canned - fresh Mushroom and Broccoli soup!"


Here's another quick idea. If you have any kind of ravioli at home, prepare the ravioli as per direction. Heat up a little bit of soup for a few mins until it becomes a thick sauce - Add the sauce on top of the ravioli and add fresh chopped tomatoes and some Parmesan cheese - tastes divine! And its a beautiful variation from a regular marinara or alfredo sauces.


Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. Looks tooooooooooo tempting.... I love it.

  2. Awesome.. looks perfectly yummy and the quick idea is great too.

  3. healthy refreshing and appetising soup with a step by step demo.

  4. I just love the mushroom-broccoli combo.I follow a very similar recipe,but since we love the crunchy veggies to bite on,I skip the blending process.I sometimes do cheat and use a Knorr soup powder after sauteing the veggies..:)

  5. absolutely love the idea! will try soon :)

    ps: i am in love with your blender.

  6. Slurpppp!! such a creamy and hearty soup!!

  7. Did you say quick am in and I do see that its helathy too, I can forgive the dollop of its not butter and still consider this healthy!!! I am so much feeling warm and comfy!!!


  8. Looks fantastic, love all the step by step pictures. Inspired by your step by step photos i tried to click but ended up with food stain all over the camera, finally decided it is not going to work with me this way. How do you manage to take these photographs while cooking.

  9. Definitely better and that looks fantastic

  10. Hey dear, recently I came to MN before that I was In LA only ... No probs u can come home any time and ur my friend and ur always invited. I will give you wonderful feast....

  11. This was in my To-Make list since long..only thing is that we get not so fresh Broccoli here, do you think Cauliflower will do justice to this ,otherwise, yum soup ?

  12. That's a nice way of explaining......! Ur blog name reminds me of the epic serial Mrignayani.

  13. Looks fantastic and I can imagine the small bites of mushroom pieces in the soup. Sure, it would have tasted wonderful

  14. Wow that soup looks fantastic, so creamy and rich!!! Yours pics are stunning!

  15. Wow! Wow! Wow! This would have tasted divine. I always fancied the 'Cream of Broccoli' that we used to get in one of the finest restaurants in Bahrain. When we left Bahrain, I thought I would miss it. It was of the same colour as this soup. It used to be heavenly. Should try this recipe without mushrooms 'coz we do not eat them.


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