Feb 5, 2010

Spicy Baby Corn and Paneer Fried Rice!

Two of my favorite things - Baby Corn and Paneer - I can hear a few Amen's there!

This is more of a pepper fried rice - I put so much pepper in here - that I sneezed a couple of times while eating! LOL! But the taste was awesome - loved it!

Cut some baby corn lengthwise - if you are using them out of a can - please cut and wash about 5-6 times thoroughly  - that helps to take most of that preservative smell away. I used the canned baby corn and did the same.

Now if you are a person that does not like big chunks of veggies, chop the baby corn into small piece and follow the same for the other too. Either way, its still a great fried rice.


Then, add about a tsp of oil to pan. When hot, add the baby corn in there and stir fry separately for about 5 mins or until the corn is a little browned. This will also help eliminate all of that preservative smell from the can.  While stir frying, sprinkly some salt and add fresh ground pepper to this. No other seasonings required!


Cut the paneer lenthwise to match up with the baby corn. Fry the long slices in a tsp of oil similar to the baby corn - separately. Again, add a pinch of salt and black pepper to the paneer. Fry till brown.

Here's the sauteed paneer and baby corn - I could just eat these like this. But, my grand plan is to provide this hungry world with a beautiful plate of fried rice..so I will continue..

In the same pan, add about half an onion slit lengthwise and if needed some garlic and saute well.  Then, add about half a bell pepper again cut lenghtwise to go with the flow. 


You will have to have some rice cooked before all of this - did you do that yet?
Add the cooked rice to this and mix well. Now comes the kickers..


Add salt to the rice, enough to taste. Add red chilli flakes to the rice - I sprinkle about 2-3 times with the slot on my bottle - that's probably around 2 tsps. Add more if you want more heat ..but before that check out the next step too as we are adding more fire to this!

Now, add some fresh ground black pepper to the rice - this is what gives the fried rice such a beautiful flavor. Really. I mean it - it adds like a whole level of awesomeness to the whole thing! Try not to skip this if you are making this. And if you do, don't blame me..

Now, add the sauteed baby corn and paneer to the fried rice. Mix well. 

Now, if you like to make this fried rice a little more richer and tastier - add about half a can of coconut milk and cook covered in low heat. That also adds a whole lot of flavor and taste. But, I did not have any coconut milk and assumed its God's way of making me eat healthier (Ahem..mm..). But you have all the freedom to add that coconut milk and kick this up a few notches!


There's the rice all done. 

I served this with a quick chilli paneer and vegetable  - thanks to the instant Chings sauce mix. I know its a double paneer overload..but I literally had like 4 small pieces of paneer and did not want to save it for anything else. So, I just threw that in here!

Just another obsession shot!

Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. I was just about done thinking what to do without tomatoes in it... Now me too going to make fried rice and chilly paneer. :) Fried rice looks yummy.

  2. Delicious fried rice..looks really tempting..

  3. Oh my looking at this divine food I was so tempted to have some... My first visit here, shall keep coming by for more...


  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmm thats looks so delicious... yummy platter for my hungry stomach..

  5. i love that kadai! and of course what you made in it. ok wait, i am going to send you an email about something!

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  7. Wow......fried rice looks delicious. Yummy combo.

  8. Wonderful combo and I am favourite of baby corn.

  9. That looks so delicious, lovely plate to grab out of that photo.(If i can come alive)

  10. That looks really simple and tasty :)

  11. OMG thats fantastic combo!! Love baby corns and paneer..together its unbeatable!

  12. lovely interesting and delicious fried rice.

  13. Lovely Anu! This looks so tempting - esp. the fried baby corn and paneer. Would have loved to eat them just like that.


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