Feb 15, 2009

Why Mriganayani?

Hello All,

Welcome to my blog. This is where I'm going to be spending my lazy Sunday afternoons..when all my family is sleeping peacefully.

Let me start off with why I named my blog Mriganayani - that happens to be one of my favorite words/names all my life. I heard it first when I was a little girl and it stuck with me forever. Mriganayani, a hindi word, in literal mean a doe's beautiful eyes. But, it is very commonly used as a word  to describe anything beautiful. A thing of beauty. Its been used many times in Bollywood songs too - the hero running behind trees calling the love of his life - Mriganayani...

I always wanted to name my kid Mriganayani - but thought that won't work out well. She's going to be teased all her life for having a name that is difficult for many to pronounce. Then, one day I thought maybe I can open up my own business or restaurant and can name that Mriganayani - that would be exotic. But, I never got to that point yet in my life. So, I had this ache to name something Mriganayani...so here we are finally!

I started this space thinking I'd blog about anything that comes to my mind. But, as time went by, I realized that I have an unparalleled passion for cooking and what better place to put all of my cooking experience than my own blog. And food by itself is such a beautiful thing. There are only two things that connect people universally - food and music. I'm no musician, so my beautiful space here will be all about food.

So - if you need to spend your lazy sunday afternoons reading stuff that's pure time-pass, welcome to my blog! Enjoy your visits - I hope I can inspire you also to cook..coz cooking is a beautiful thing.

Anu Nandu


  1. Now I understand the reason behind this name. Indeed unique! It is always better to spend an afternoon this way rather than sleeping. I just read a book that gave tips to deviate from an afternoon nap and snacking. Among them one was replying to all the pending mails that we might have in our inbox. :)

    Glad that you have a site on your own. I am sure to visit your blog quite often. I have already added it in my favorites. My husband is also reading it. He appreciated your blogs. He even gave a desperate look at your lip-smacking food.

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  3. i think the name is awesome :D but yeah, i am super glad you didn't name your daughter that ;)


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