Feb 15, 2009

Monthly Menu

So here's the deal. There is one thing I hate about everyday life. Planning what to cook for dinner. This might sound like I'm looney or something..but the only meal I cook is dinner. We eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and I don't consider pouring milk and adding stuff to it as cooking. Since we both work, i don't cook lunches in the morning. I cook fresh dinner everyday and cook a little more quantity so we can pack the same stuff for lunch the next day.

Now if my dinner is so good that we finish it off (high hopes) the same night, I fix a quick lunch like dahi rice for my husband and I end up eating subway or maggi or cup o noodles (my all time fav)!

So, in order to carry out my master plan of cooking dinner, I call my husband at work and ask him "Honey - what do you think we should have for dinner?" or on my pms days - "what the hell do you want me to make for dinner?" And no matter how kind or rude I'am to him - his standard answer to my question is - "Whatever" or "whatever you want" or "whatever you feel like". And that pisses me off! Now, do you see why I hate this one thing about everyday life.

So, one day I decided that on the last day of each month, I would plan a menu for the next whole month so that I can plan what to make each day. And planning in advance helps me buy groceries and things I need to cook my exotic dishes! So, here's my menu for Febraury. Now, I'm not pinkie swearing that I stick to this like dust sticks to a fallen bubblegum. But I try. I should say that I accomplish about 80% of what I plan but sometimes I fall off...maybe I had too much left over food..or maybe I planned to invite someone over for dinner..or maybe some kind friend invited me over to dinner and i get to be cook-free that day..whatever reason that might be.

Obviously you cannot read what' writted below - because I cut paste this from excel to paint and then pasted it on here - so just click on the pic and that will open it up nice and big for you.


  1. hey giv me a break. this is tooo toooo much. happy cooking sunday afternoons. poor nandhu. my sympathies to him.

  2. Madam! What is Bombay sandwich? The one that had a slice of boiled potato in along with some hot mint chutney?


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