Feb 20, 2009

Gajanana - Elephant Faced Lord

Here's what I like to talk about now - I just visited India last month. Did a ton of shopping! I was at Madras to meet relatives and also for shopping! Boy..did I shop! It was like I was marking my attendance in all the big shops in ranganathan street and panagal park!

My husband's cousin suggested that I go to Sundari Silks and shop for all the little beautiful things they have there. And so I followed her advice. That was the only shop I left out and now I was going to go there.

The store was really beautiful - kind of had a thanjavur periya veedu style to it. The layout of the store was nice. And they had beautiful stuff in there. I picked up some tops for my friends and got some fake jewelry for myself. I got this Ganesha from there too. I just love to have little statues of Ganesha..he is just so lovable. Really liked this wood carved Ganesha.

Now, the reason I bought this was to hang it outside our new home. When we had our grahapravesam, I had invited my friends over for the puja. One of my friends mother-in-law came for the puja and even helped me fry the vadas! Now, that mami told me that since our house is kind of in a corner with 2 streets meeting at our entrance, it's good if I place a ganesha at the entrance. I'm not a superstitious kind of a person but I do like to listen to some of these 'good advices' from the elderly. They do know way more than I do. And they do tell us stuff for our good. And besides, it gave me a good opportunity to go shopping! haha!

So, when I saw this Ganesha, I thought this was perfect to hang outside. Not too big. Not too jazzy. Ok. so that's settled. This will go on the wall outside near the door. But, I keep wondering what the legend is behind this? What is the reason that we place an idol of God especially if the house has 2 or 3 streets meeting in front of it. Is there a specific story to this? Hmmm..maybe I should ask the mami when I meet her next.

Anyways..I'll just think this little Ganesha above will protect my house. And that's why he's my security guard outside! The all-protector.


  1. Ha ha! Indeed Lord Ganesha is a great protector. It is the faith that matters actually. As you said, Ganesha is looking so nice and elegant.

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  3. Beautiful Anu.... love the colours...:D Lord Ganesh will always bless ur house


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