Jul 31, 2012

Zuka (Choco-La) - Pondicherry

You all know how much I love chocolate. I wish I can live in a place filled with chocolates. I wish I can dig my hands deep into chocolate and carve out beautiful things out of them. I wish I can stay around chocolate all day and always smell chocolate. I wish I can make a statue of liberty with chocolate and just stare at her beauty. I wish all my love for chocolate will make me so happy that I'll be ok to actually share it with others.

I just wish all this.

But I have a friend who loves his chocolate a little more than me...and he really lives this life I only talk about here. He has his own beautiful place filled with chocolates. He and his chocolate lab friends dig deep into their chocolate and create marvels out of it. He gets to stay at this chocolate place all day - laughing and smiling and smelling choocolate. And yes, he actually has made a Statue of Liberty and he and everyone else got to stare at it all day( I got to stare at it on FB too). And he is so nice coz he even shares all his chocolate. If my chocolate dream had a name, it probably will be Srinath Balachander, the young and vibrant owner of Pondicherry's Zuka (formerly called Choco-La)

Go visit him and he'll welcome you with chocolate flowers.

And maybe with some more chocolate.

Here's his beautiful store at Pondicherry. A must stop destination if you ever visit Pondicherry. And if you happen to live there, just go right away and get some chocolate. Its a tough choice to pick a favorite. But maybe give it all a try.

Try some pastries.

Or just super pretty little somethinssss...

Or maybe a big whole Taj Mahal. (Hint to all men here...be your wife's shahjahan and at least get her this...)

If you don't want to eat chocolate, do drink some. How about a spiced up chilli chocolate drink - I heard this is quite famous here.

Maybe so famous that it attracts the biggies...look who came to eat some chocolate..

Can you guess...He's gorgeous even when you can't see him really.

Dhoni of course....Thank God he is famous...so much handsomeness should never be wasted without the whole world seeing it. Can you imagine, sitting with Dhoni and sipping on some hot chilli chocolate - that would be my Super lotto win.

Well..this bought him there. All made with Chocolate of course.

Even Dhoni will have to pay his respects to this little Universal Wonder below. Thalaiva.. Vanakkam.

Who says fruit cake is boring? Look how much fun they have making fruit cake. 

If this were me, the spoon would be at another angle - one facing my mouth.

His updated place Zuka now serves spicy and savory fare in addition to all this gorgeous sweetness. From Enchilladas to Sandwiches and Wraps..oh I wish I could show up there for lunch everyday. 

What are you waiting for? If you live in Pondicherry, just go over now. If not, just take the train and go over there now.

Let's meet there for a cup of chocolate. I mean, literally.

Srinath - wish you the very best in your labor of love. Hoping I can visit you soon and enjoy all this!

Enjoy. Peace Out!

Disclaimer: All the above pictures are not taken by me. These are all pictures shared on Srinath's Facebook Page and have been copied with his permission. 


  1. Omg! Look at these pics! Will sure visit this place if ever I get a chance to go to Pondicherry!Meanwhile thanks for this virtual treat.

  2. I've heard so much about the place and after this post I think of no reason to postpone my trip!!Chocolate nirvana!

  3. fun indeed! can see so much chocolate love in all the pictures. I particularly like the one where the man is pouring the chocolate from the spoon....just look at his sheer joy :)

  4. Wowwwwwwwwww....you made my day....actually night


  6. Would love to pay a visit. Happy to stumble upon ur blog. Joining u. Do check out my space when u find time

  7. Zuka is hosting a sandwich fest now... Vth 100+ varieties of sandwiches,n guess what,der r even chocolate sandwiches... Goin der 2dy evng,t try dem out.. Well,atleast as many as'd fit in2 my tummy!!


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