Jun 22, 2010

Make Yogurt at home - and then make Shrikand too at home!

This is a special post for a dear friend and co-worker of mine - John and his wife Sharon. They had visited us once for dinner and I had served Mango Lassi and home made yogurt (dahi) as a part of the meal. They liked it and John has asked me the recipe for making yogurt at home along with step by step instructions.

John, this is for the both of you. Do share with Sharon. I remember Sharon talking about how she would like to add sugar to yogurt and she did try it and loved it - so I added another recipe below for what we call "Shrikand" - its essentially yogurt with sugar and different flavorings. Its one of my favorites!

I've explained the process in pictures - hope it's easy for you to follow.

Here's my 2.8 lit corningware bowl. Fill the bowl to the rim with milk. I normally use reduced fat 1% milk at home - the yogurt still comes out good. But, if you want thicker and creamier yogurt, go with whole milk.

Move the bowl carefully to the microwave. For this amount, I heat up the milk for 18 minutes. If you are making smaller batches, heat up in intervals of 5 mins. You have to heat the milk until its almost boiling. You will start seeing little bubbles forming on the top layer - that means its done and you can stop the heating.

Once the milk is heated, move it out very carefully - it will be very hot, you could wait a few mins before taking it out of the microwave. Take it out and place it on the counter for about 20 mins or until the milk cools down a little.

You will see these thin layers of cream forming on top of the milk. Just mix it in along with the milk.

When the milk is still warm (and not hot), take about 2-3 spoonfuls of yogurt and mix along with the warm milk.

Now move the whole bowl to a cool oven (during winters, you could pre heat the oven and then switch it off). Place inside, close the oven and turn the oven lights on. The light provides consistent warmth for the bacteria in the yogurt to develop and spread - the probiotics - the good stuff!

Let this sit for about 5 hrs. Check to see if the yogurt has set - if its still a little milky, let it sit for some more time. The longer you let it sit, the sourer it gets. So, try to take it while its freshly set. When the yogurt is set, move it to the refrigerator. You could store this in the fridge for about 3-4 days. ( I mean, if it lasts!)

Can you see how the yogurt is now set? The water you see around is just the whey from the curds ( the one that Little Miss Muffet ate while she was sat on a tuffet!)

And that's how John you could make yogurt at home! Do try it and let me know if this works good for you.

And now moving on to the part where I get sinful...and evil..and of course sweet! Let's make Shrikand! Here's what Wiki has to say about Shrikand  - and I agree with them especially on this part - "Shrikhand's recipe is so versatile that it can practically take any taste that an imaginative person can create."

I'm however going to stick to just 2 versions of Shrikand. The first one is a Kesar (Saffron ) version and the second one is a Strawberry Shrikand. I love the fresh strawberries I pick up at my farmers market - had to use them in this!

You'll need a cheesecloth or muslin cloth for this next step. Place about 2 cups of yogurt in the center of a cheesecloth.

Now hang this from the top of your faucet or any other place where this could be hung. Do keep a container a the bottom to collect the mess if you're not hanging this over the sink. Let this be hung for about 5 hrs. This is to remove all the excess water from the curds and make it thick and creamy.

Like this -

Move the thick curds to a mixing bowl.

Now, add about 1/8th cup and a little more of powdered sugar to this. You can increase the sugar if you want it a little more sweet. This quantity is good for about 1 cup of thick yogurt.

Next add 1/4 tsp of liquid saffron or if you are using the saffron strands, about a big pinch dissolved in a few drops of warm milk.

Then, add a pinch of cardamom powder to this.

Whisk everything together well.

And finally add some chopped pistachios and almonds to the shrikand.

Serve chilled.

This can be eaten just like that. But, one of the traditional way to serve this is along with puris (Deep fried and puffed indian bread) - there is something about deep fried stuff and yogurt and sugar together - its an Indian thing!

Now, moving on to another of my favorite versions - Strawberry Shrikand! Being peak strawberry season now, we get the most sweetest delicious strawberries and why not make the most out of it. You could also do a Mango Shrikand which is also very popular. But, I'm sure this can be done with most of the other berries and even fruits like apricots or peaches. Its what you can imagine and come up with - I'm sure they all taste great!

Pick about 4-5 big strawberries. Remove the green stem - cut into 2 pieces and move to a blender.

 Give it a few quick whirrrrrrsss without adding any water. Blend until you get a nice thick juice consistency.

In a mixing bowl, have another set of thick yogurt similar to what we made above - add sugar to taste. Then, pour in this thick fresh strawberry juice in there.

Whisk well - don't you just love the colors here?

Its pinkalicious now!!

Throw in some crushed nuts - pistachios and almonds work great. You could also add some chunks of cut strawberries if you like.

Now, there's some tasty, delicious Strawberry Shrikand!

And when you thought I was done with that - here's another quick look into how I like...no love my Shrikand..can you guess? Do you know me well?

Yes..with chocolate.

Add some chopped or powdered chocolate and nuts and mix well with the strawberry shrikand. Just take my word for it - you'll love it if you are a chocolate lover like me! Even otherwise, you might just end up loving it and become a chocolate lover like me!

Ending on a sweet note with a parting shot - do try making these at your home and let me know how you enjoyed the process and the result!

Enjoy! Peace out!


  1. Home made yogurt looks so good, never tried at home and very very.... lovely dessert to finish off the meal.

  2. I have now words reading your post!!! So craving for some shrikand now. Wish I lived next door!

  3. Anu, you are killing me. I love kesar pista shrikhand and am making it surely, so bookmarked it. And OMG, with chocolate, I have never had it and now you got me, I have to try it out :)

  4. Omg, srikhand and puri is one of our all-time favorite dinners!I have never tried strawberry or chocolate srikhand, but now I just have to :) Looks scrumptious!!

  5. Just awesome!! You are tempting me to make shrikhand with your lovely pictures!

  6. Hi
    It's funny I made shrikand this weekend as father's day spl!

    I didn't make the strawberry one, mild pink is sure a delight for the eyes!


  7. omg! this is just... ughh!! i dont know what to say! i HAVE to make this over the weekend now. its all your fault!

  8. Hi Mriganayani

    Thanks for your visit to us..You too have an amazing space here..Loved this post yaar...Hope to see you often..

    Kairali sisters

  9. i always prepare the yogurt at home..homemade one is really good. but i add the curd only after cooling the milk. but i think warm milk also it work so perfect.. The shrikand looks really delicious . really liked the strawberry version..

    About vadas i prepared it in differnt days.. but thought of posting all in one post.. hope u liked the vadas

  10. Wow thats wonderful post anu.. Chocolate idea is fantastic. I really loved it.. all the pictures are awesome which makes me drool.

  11. What a yummylicious dessert. Love shrikand, will surely try out the strawberry version

  12. Lovely and simple post, love the way you have presented it and the bowl too.

  13. Simply fantastic :)awesome pics and lovely recipe :) I am still drooling at the pics :)

  14. Whenever I tried to make yogurt at home, it was not very successful. I think I didn't kept it warm enough. Thanks for sharing the recipe..Shrikand looks delicious...

  15. wow what an awesome description!! love shrikand!!

  16. lovely step by step demo of shrikhand which looks so tempting that I am coming over to have some.

  17. I never planned or thought of making yogurt at home...very tempting shrikhand...fabulous post dear..

  18. Did you read my mind or what? I made strawberry shrikhand on Tuesday too...uncanny this! Only, I made mine with strawberry crush. I made enough shrikhand for myself, ate my to my heart's content and was levitating in shrikhand nirvana, when I realised I hadnt taken pictures...bah!
    But you bet I will make it again soon, just for the pictures!! Alright, alright, I will lick my bowl clean too...psst, but just don't tell anyone ;)

  19. Yay, another homemade yogurt post! I'm still working up the courage to try this :D

  20. hi
    wht was the curd that u used is it from supermarket ?bec i have tried & it didnt work
    hope u reply

  21. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    @ Umm - you're right..one of the best desserts. Or a whole meal by itself too! LOL!

    @Divya - thanks...its time we all meet soon!

    @ Priya Mitharwal - LOL...chocolate is OMG definitely. Like OMG..why don't I just eat this everyday?

    @ Ameya - if you are a chocolate lover, you've got to try it. Enjoy!

    @Padhu - thank you!!

    @ Priya - maybe strawberry shrikand is a good treat for mother's day with all the pink...I think its a treat for any day actually!

    @ Nags - sure..make it all my fault. Even global warming! LOL! But I do just want you to make it and eat it!!

    @ Kairali Sisters - thanks for stopping by. You are most welcome here! Please do come by often!

    @ Prannis - thanks! Yeah...with my experimentation, slightly warm milk makes thicker curds. Might not be true..but works that way for me!

    @ Pavithra - chocolate does make everything better - its a known fact now!!

    @ Niloufer - thanks! do try and let me know how it turns out!

    @ Shanthi - thank you thank you!!

    @ Nithya - Thanks!!

    @ Cooking Blog indexer - Yeah, the milk has to be a little warm so that the bacteria in the culture can start working. Its similar to using yeast while baking. Cold milk kills the bacteria. Warm develops it!

    @ Kalva - thanks!!

    @ Kitchen queen - you are most welcome. I'll have your cup ready!

    @ Priya - make some plans now to make yogurt - you'll love the results!

    @Madhuri - what can I say. We are now telepathically always connected by food! LOL!

    @ Meeso - You can do it. Really. Its pretty easy. Do try and let me know. I'm here for moral support!! LOL!

    @ Anonymous - I used the culture I have at home. Some store bought yogurts don't work good as a culture. I hear that Pavel's yogurt works good. With the store bought stuff, you probably need to make yogurt at least twice or thrice before you start getting the correct consistency - so maybe, make it in smaller batches. Your best bet would be to find an Indian friend or a neighbor who can give you a couple of spoons of yogurt culture.

  22. Lovely.. seriously, lady, why are you so hell bent on breaking my diet..lol..this is sooo good. My friend's mom in Irvine uses lebanese cheese (Kefir cheese) to make shrikant and it is really good as lebanese cheese is sour. I used it too and loved it.. BTW, where do you get the saffron syrup from? Please let me know.. and thanks for the step by step pictures.. I love it..

  23. i am trying to set dahi at home but it comes out sticky . when i take a spoonful out it doesn'tcut properly (tar tar ban jate hain usme ).don't know where i am going wrong

  24. @ Anonymous - I'm guessing you made it when the milk was really hot. Either that, or the culture was not enough for a good thick dahi to set. Please keep trying - make smaller quantities. You can actually even trying setting small quantities in individual cups. Those get done faster too and if it does not get set correctly, at least you won't be wasting too much and you can try again. Also, if you are just beginning to make Dahi, go with the whole milk for making dahi. The fat in that helps to make thick curds. Once you have the process mastered, you can come down to low fat dahi if you want to.

  25. Hey Mriganayani,
    You've got a great food blog with drool-inducing pictures. I am planning on making the Saffron Shrikand for Diwali and I want to know where you purchased the liquid saffron. Also, this is an unrelated question to this post, but where did you get your kutti vengayam for the recent vatha kuzhambu post?
    Meenu Ramesh.

  26. Hi Meenu - thanks for stopping by. The only place I've seen this liquid saffron is in Nilgiris, Coimbatore. I'm not sure where you live - but if you are close by there or have any other Nilgiris close to where you live - check with them.

    The kutty vengayam was from my Indian store here in Irvine. Most of the indian stores carry them. If you are in the US, even some American grocers carry them - they're called pearl onions in many stores.

    Thanks again for stopping - let me know how your Shrikand turns out! Happy Diwali!

  27. Thank you so much for ur prompt reply.I live in NJ and I thought that you might have gotten the syrup at a health food store here in the US as I have never seen it in India before. I will try at Nilgris the next time I'm in India.
    The pearl onions I get here are very small. In your picture, the kutti vengayam looked exactly like the ones we get in India. I am making do with shallots which are okay, but I do miss the madras sambhar onions.
    The Shrikand turned out really rich and creamy even though I made it with the store bought dahi(After repeated attempts at making yogurt at home, I finally conceded defeat and stick to store bought ones).My daughter loved it. Thanks for the recipe. I have an eye on your Tiramisu recipe. Will keep u posted on how it turns out. It seems to be an easier one without having to struggle with the lady fingers.
    Meenu Ramesh.


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