Jun 14, 2010

Ginger Carrot Soup

This is a quick, easy and flavorful soup. I usually buy the Carrot Ginger soup from Trader Joe's - love their version of it. So, the last time I was there, I picked up a carton and then looked at the ingredients - Onions, carrots, ginger, potato and a bunch of other things. But, those were the main veggies that went into it. And so I thought why not make this from scratch! And so I put back the carton in its place. But, don't worry Trader Joes - I picked up so many other things and made up for this! Really. I'm kind of addicted to your store!

So, here's my version of the carrot ginger soup. This tastes hearty and creamy - sure is hearty but there is no cream added at all to the soup. I made this for dinner along with some salad and Asparagus pizza. It was a perfect combo!

Chop onions roughly - you could use 1 big onion or a couple of medium sized ones. Add 1 tsp of oil to a pressure cooker or pan. When the oil is hot, add the chopped onions in here.

Add 1/4 cup of roughly chopped ginger to the onions that are getting basked in the heat.

Meanwhile, wash and peel about 5 medium sized carrots (these are american medium sized -I'm sure these are 5 large ones in India) and 1 potato.

Chop the carrots and potatoes roughly into small bits.

Now, to the onions and ginger, add some dried basil - you could just shake it a couple of times.

And then add some dried oregano. You could add any other spices that you'd like - be creative. 

Now add the chopped carrots and potatoes in here.

Add about 4-5 cups of vegetable broth or plain ol'water in here. Add regular salt or sea salt to taste. The ingredient list on the back of the soup carton lists honey and cane sugar. But, I skipped adding that as the carrot itself is sweet enough for me. I kind of like it more on the spicier side. Blame my indian genes!

Cover the pressure cooker and cook for about 3-4 whistles.

Once the veggies cool down a little bit, move it to your blender and blend well.

A small tip here - anytime you are cooking and want to blend something that is hot and don't really have the time to wait, add some ice cubes while blending - and that is if you don't mind the extra water. This works great for soups and some chutneys.

Move the blended soup back to the pressure cooker or pan, and heat for a few more mins. Add 1 heaped tsp of the healthy no hydrogenated fat version of butter or if you can afford that extra fat, add the real stuff for the ultimate flavor. Add some fresh ground black pepper to the soup. Heat for a few mins and you're done!

Serve hot.

Don't you just love the color of this? You should make this - you'll love the flavor too, just like us! Thank you Trader Joes for the inspiration!

Enjoy. Peace out!


  1. I love Ginger-Carrot Soup. A delicious, quick and easy to make Soup. I love your step by step pics, Mrignayani :-)

  2. You devil you! You owe Trader Joes big time! And you owe me too big time...owe me what now? Say: YOU.OWE.ME.A.BIG.BOWL.OF.THIS.SOUP.LIKE.RIGHT.NOW!! Send me my dues right away, or I'll tell Trader Joes!! Lol :)
    It doesnt look like soup...it looks like something with mango in it...love that colour! And I love that pic where you're holding a blob of butter right atop the pan...sinner, sinner!

  3. I love ginger carrot soup and Always love to have with ginger flavor in any soups.. wonderful soup for this pleasent weather...YUmm!!!

  4. Awesome and what a coincidence that I was looking at the Trader Joe site today. I have some of their ginger candy with me and absolutely love it. I don't have a store nearby so was looking to buy some online. Loved your recipe and that was quite brave to venture out with just ingredient lists from a can.

  5. Looks wonderful and awesome click.

  6. Ah!! Am a TJ fan too. I have a store very close to my house and I visit them several times a week :) I make it a point to buy something new each time :) Lovely soup Anu.

  7. Wow, I love the final product's color, simply inviting and how healthy :)

  8. Soup looks so colourful and appetizing, love it:-)

  9. when i visit you, just make soup for me every day, won't you?

    i will bake you something every day, deal?

  10. Awesome and lovely soup, love the colour and thick consistency, nice post

  11. Soup looks yummy...never tried with ginger. interesting

  12. Such a bowl of tempting soup..truly delicious..

  13. lovely colour... looks as if its store bought... yummyyyyy gonna try it soon...


  14. Ijust love this soup!! Always keep it handy in the freezer!!

  15. Mrignayani ... ur names is really lovely i remeber watching hindi serial Mrignayani Starring Pallavi joshi ..lovely name
    ur soup looks gr8 ...
    if u get a chance do stop at my blog

  16. wat a healthy soup,I love the colour of it...too gud.

    do visit my blog

  17. Wow the soup looks such creamy & yummy..love the orange color of carrots..

  18. ginger and carrot are a great combo, your soup looks luscious and creamy.

  19. The soup looks so velvetty.. I guess I skimp on ginger and that is why my soups don't have that gingery flavor.. I'll try adding 1/4 cup ginger next time.. my frnd had made a sweet potato ginger soup and since then I have tried to replicate it and have been unsuccessful..now I can try.. Thanks, Anu!

  20. Hi

    Thank you for this wonderful, simple recipie. I took the ginger off and replaced with lots of cilantro and made carrot cilantro soup.

    When you have time do check my blog @ www.elaichii.blogspot.com

    I am a jujube blogger and would appreciate any suggestions for improvement.



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