Mar 12, 2010

Easy and Yummy Bread Pulav

This is an easy one pot meal with more than the daily recommended serving of vegetables. This is a Bread Pulav made with 6 kinds of vegetables! You can add more if you like.

I usually make bread upma with just onions and tomatoes. This time I thought I'll make it a little different with lots of veggies for dinner.

Start off with some white bread or wheat bread will work good too. Cut the bread into small squares.

Add a couple of tsps of oil to a wide pan. Add the pieces little at a time and fry till they are firm. Drizzle a little oil while cooking on top if needed.

Take care to keep the bread from burning - keep tossing them so that all sides get cooked evenly.

This is how it looks when it becomes a little crisp and yet soft in the center. This is perfect consistency for this dish.

Now that the bread is ready and out of the way, we'll need to get the veggies ready.

Here, I have - chopped green chillies, ginger, curry leaves, onions, tomatoes and green bell peppers. Chop all the veggies finely.

Also, chop up and wash carrots, green beans and peas. You can add other veggies like cauliflower, potatoes etc if you like.

In a wide pan, add a tsp of oil. Do a tadka of mustard seeds and jeera and then add the green chillies, ginger and curry leaves. Fry for a min.

Then, add the onions and bell peppers and fry for a couple of mins.

Then, add the tomatoes and all the other veggies to this. Saute for a few mins.

Now, add the spices  - I added salt, turmeric powder, kashmiri chilli powder, biriyani masala and pav bhaji masala - all as per your taste.

Cook well till the veggies are done.

Now, add the pan fried bread pieces to this and mix well. Mix this just before serving. This dish does not taste as good when it cools down. And microwaving will make the bread pieces soft. So, try to just mix this just before serving and heat it up in a pan.

You can squeeze some lemon juice on top if you like that flavor. Add some fresh chopped cilantro and mix well.

Serve hot.This actually tasted really really good ( not even trying to be modest here - because I want you to try this out!).

Serve this with a side of cucumber raitha or any other cool raitha.

My obsession shots of course!


Enjoy! Peace Out!


  1. Your step by step ocs are great and the bread pulav looks yummmmm:) Have a great weekend!

  2. Bread pulav looks yumm !! I love anydish with bread..This is great one for evening dinner from school days..Hey nice plate too.

  3. lovely tempting and mouth watering perfect bread pulav.

  4. Nice.. now that is a definite first time kudos for your innovation

  5. You do not have to try to convince me, I will definitely be trying this out! Looks excellent and so delicious :)

  6. Awesome bread pulao. I too make it & say it in the Indian way, as vegetable bread upma.

  7. Bread pulac looks colourful and yummy!!!!

  8. Great idea...pulav made out of bread, so colorful and healthy too...

  9. Sounds great,,, loooks sooo delicious easy version of cooking with bread. Sure am gonna try ur recipe today itself and will pass it to you!!!!.Mriga, you r really great with creative ideas.

  10. One more creative and delicious recipe! Yumm...

  11. Hey Anu,

    Hope you recognize me- Aruna, Latha's sister. I feel hungry every time I browse through your blog. The Anu I knew and the Anu I see today - what a change. Anyway, I love your blog. Keep posting more!

  12. As always, its inspiring. Ganes loves bread upma a lot and he always prefers them once he comes home after work. I shall try this stuff the next time.

  13. First time visitor to ur space and loved it. You have interesting recipes and appreciate ur patience for the illustrative clicks. Loved ur version of bread pulav. Following u to enjoy ur posts.


  14. that IS a fantastic idea and great for a weekday meal. the husband doesnt like bread upma much though cuz he has toast every morning and says he is kinda done with bread by then. sigh..

  15. oh and you know, when i saw the tadka pic, i felt like I could smell the tadka :)

  16. u knw u wont beleive it , i hav seen so many websites for different dishes , bt no1 seemed to be as gud as yours , i always see ur blog , i hav almost frgotten d website tht cud provide wid d kind of dishes u provide, i must say i m really thankful to u , n 1 of ur biggest fan , every1 in my family nw knws , bcz watever i make i tell them its frm mrignanyani,thanks a lot.

  17. @ Ankita - Thank you for your very kind comment. I'm humbled and grateful. I'm glad that my little blog here is helpful to you. Thank you for actually trying and making the dishes. To me, that's the best compliment a blogger can get. You made my day. Do send me a note if you want a recipe in particular - I'd be happy to do it for you!


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